Thu + Richard Wedding – The Canadian Edition, Eh

Thu and Richard both live in Australia and got married in Bali, Indonesia at the beginning of March. I got to see all the GORGEOUS photo’s on my Facebook feed from their amazing photographer (check out their website HERE ) To the team at Stylinimages, from the opposite side of the world, this Canadian photography team loves your work and is now a fan =)

So the crazy part about our start to the wedding season this year was that both weddings that we have done so far…we were informed about their wedding a month beforehand. The majority of the time, we’re booked a year in advance but it’s all good either way. When we got some details about their Toronto wedding from Thu and Richard via email, I was happy to see in their timeline that we had that we had a good amount of time for pics with the couple. In terms of location, Thu and Richard only mentioned Distillery and left the rest up to us.

In our planning, Gi and I felt more like ambassadors of Canada then photog scouts. We really wanted to give Thu and Richard the Canadian look for their pics to represent Toronto life. So our thoughts… snow, some woodsy nature, and the urban city. Rewind 3 weeks ago and even though we had one of the most crazy snow falls this year, the day before their wedding… things were pretty much thawed out and the snow on the ground wasn’t sticking. Luckily we had scouted a few spots that had some snow and miraculously we got some snow the night before.

We started off the morning at Richard’s parents place where they both were getting ready. We quickly got to know Thu throughout the morning and as expected, she’s a gorgeous and amazing person. Richard is pretty stellar too =) After they got ready, we headed out to start off our Canadian adventure.. I mean wedding shoot. So what the pics don’t show was how cold the day was. It was freezing. The amazing part was that Thu and Rich totally embraced the weather, jackets off and in the snow. We appropriately warmed up with some Tim Horton’s coffee (plus Timbits) and headed off to one of Gi and my fav spots for some nature shots. Afterwards we were off to the city for more of any urban feel right before we set out to the venue. The ceremony was perfectly lead by a familiar face, Peter Choi. This then kicked off the night’s festivities with games, great food and speeches. One sweet part of the night was seeing all the guests attack the dessert table – I remember there wasn’t a point where the dessert table was completely filled because people were always at it. The most special part about these desserts was it was all made by Rich’s sister where she even recreated a traditional Aussie dessert for their guests. Check out her website HERE.

I want to thank my friends Thu and Rich for having us capture the Canadian edition of your wedding. Thanks for being such a great sport with dealing with the cold weather with a warm smile and if Gi and I ever come to your side of the world, we’ll pack you some Swiss Chalet and Tim’s =) Congrats again. Here are some pics to visually story tell your beautiful day.

Your Friends, Leon & Gi


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