Welcome Baby J!

I have so much love and appreciation for parents that ask us to do these newborn sessions that we love doing so much.  It stems a little deeper then how cute these newborn babies are and the fact that its so much fun as these little guys are so unpredictable.  Its more the fact that we totally understand how life must be tiring and exciting at the same time with everything being so new with parenting and to schedule a photoshoot in the midst of it… I’ll quote what 9 out of 10 parents say to their little one while we do these shoot.. “you’ll appreciate these pics one day”..hehe.  Bottom line, Gi and I sincerely are truly honoured to capture this life stage.

I’ll tell you what rocked about this session.  A (Mom) was fully prepared and so enthusiastic about this session which was awesome.  Baby J was so easy to shoot and fun to shoot – this little dude loves the camera.  To A+ J, I sincerely want to thank you guy for opening your home to me introducing me to your son.  To our mutual friends Jen and Stephen thanks so much for the referral to this awesome family.   Here are just a few pics from our session.  Enjoy!

Your Friend, Leon
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