Carlton and Karen and baby S.

I have known Carlton since I was 17 so it was definitely a very new light I was seeing him when we did this shoot.  Carlton the dad, what a sight to see.   It was a very different experience then back in our university/partying days =) .  But I must say parenthood suits you!  But not as much as Karen!  Karen, who had just had a baby looked refreshed and right back into shape.  She is definitely one of those women that everyone is jealous of because she looked so great so quickly after the birth of little S.

As in every baby shoot, I tend only to be a shooter but also work as a prop so that every child is adequately supported in all the images.  So little S definitely gave me a great workout!  Little S had her finicky moments but lucky enough I did find little her sweet spot, she accepted my finger as her sucker =)  I take this as a compliment since Karen told me that S is picky about who she is willing to give this privilege to.    Thanks for having us over guys and we hope you guys like the pics!

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