Newborn Puppy Shoot

Here’s a random fact about me.  I don’t really watch TV.  I haven’t watched TV in  oh.. say 6 years… coincidently the same amount of time I got into photography.. consumed by passion I say =)  So, if you see me in crowd one day and everyone is talking about The Voice, NCIS, Glee,  I would be that awkward guy nodding his head and agreeing to everything =)   BUT until recently there is one show that got me on the “blinking box” again – “Pick a puppy” … that show is  pimp.  Because of that show, Gi finally has a couch buddy (she on the other  hand… LOVES TV).    So needless to say, I’m a total dog person, but because of what we do  - its so difficult to own a puppy, as we’re gone on the weekends shooting weddings hours on end.  So.. my internal battle continues =)

With our business, there are few types of calls we get that make us happy in many ways.  Referrals from friends and past clients are the motors that keeps us in business (no words can ever express how grateful I am for people recommending us) but what really warms my heart is to see past wedding clients / friends calling us to document their new addition to their family. It’s always good to see friends that we have not seen in a while, especially when its good news.   When J&K ask me to capture some pics of their new addition a few weeks back… aww man… was this ever a cute session.   I literally fell in love with this little guy.  We’ve been so honoured to be asked to do many baby newborns which we love doing … but doing puppy pics is another level of cuteness.    To my friends J&K, I have not seen this little guy in a while… we will definitely be knocking on your door soon for a visit.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Your friend, Leon
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