Animal Party!!! A “Wild” Third Birthday

This entry is coming from 25 thousand feet up in the air as I figure there is no better time to play catch up with some of the amazing events we’ve been capturing in the past month while on a plane heading back to Toronto… thank gawd Gi’s sitting beside me, since I’m the only person with the light on and this woman can sleep through anything =)

To the main event: Z turns 3.  I love seeing this family and I’m thankful every year to get that call to capture another milestone year of this little man.  The wicked part is that Z’s parents own a day care and they always have the most creative events for their son.  Like every year, the entertainment was wicked!  The team at “zoo to you” came in and it was awesome – the birthday boy, the kids, parents and the photographer truly enjoyed this event =)

I’ll let the pics visually story tell this great day and kudos to the kids for not being scared of the tarantula… as the big kid with the camera was petrified inside =)  Wishing my little man Z a big happy belated 3rd birthday and sincerely thanking R&A letting me capture these events every year.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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