Gina & Sam’s Wedding Day – Punta Cana!

One of the many things I love about weddings is how we get to know the close friends and families of our couples.  Spending a week with Gina and Sam was an experience like no other, as we truly got to know all their wonderful friends and family day in and day out.  From the moment we got to their home in the early morning on Saturday we were greeted like family.  Over the next 7 days, that bond grew as Gi and I got to know everyone.    Gina and Sam are such great and sincere people.  For me, I’ve known Sam for a long time and went to high school with the both of them.  When they contacted me last year about this opportunity I was excited to just see them and then when they invited Gi and I to capture their day it was truly an invite from the heart. They really kept things simple for us from the get go… by basically saying… here’s the date… and stressed to me that they really wanted us to enjoy… and treat this as much as we can as vacation.

Spending 7 days with Gina and Sam, I can write forever about our amazing experience but we did our best to document a bit of each day as you rewind into the past entries.  So before I let the pics tell the day of their wedding, I wanted to sincerely thank Gina and Sam for not the obvious of having us be a part of this amazing experience, but for your kind hearts, both your appreciation, coordinating this 7 day party (trust me people… destination weddings are not an easy thing to do) and treating Gi and I like family.   As Gi and I captured and watched all of your friends and family truly enjoyed themselves for throughout the trip… I can’t agree more as Sam was right in his speech… this trip was Gina’s plan all along, a forced vaca…to take a step back from our hectic lives and to make sure everyone had the time of their lives… and that goal was MET!  We love you both and we’re so honoured to be a part of this event.  Hope you guys are having a blast on your honeymoon and you guys ROCK for leaving us that awesome voice message =) Here are just a few pics to tell the story on your wedding day.

Your Friend, Leon
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