Alisha & Frank’s Wedding!!! Part 1-3

This wedding was freaking awesome.  I could technically end this blog with that sentence, show the pictures, and then call it a day… but of course I won’t =) So before I show some teasers of this 3 day, 22 people wedding party, filled with tons of excitement I do want to make some comments…umm.. .did I mention there were TWENTY TWO people in the wedding party?!?!…hehe

There were a lot of things that stood out about Alisha and Frank’s wedding that made it awesome.  In 4 years of documenting weddings, I never met such a connected group of groomsmen and bridesmaids – truly a great bunch.   Another really special part was the harmony and celebration of the two cultures, which really struck a cord with me.  And of course, Alisha and Frank whom we got to  know quite well in the year leading up to the day(s) as they are both individually and as a couple super awesome.

Before I let the pics do the talking, I want to thank Gi for the creative direction /set ups and shooting, Kevin Chan for shooting the FULL 16 hour day with us and a sincere thank you to Alisha and Frank for having us be a part of such an important day.  Welcome back from your honeymoon, here are a few pics to take you through the 3 days of festivities!

Your Friend,


Day 2

The Wedding Day
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