Sandra + Nick Lifestyle Session

There are a few things I fear in life… open water, heights and those old school dolls with those eyes that look like their always watching you… shiver.  But given that, I’m always in a constant battle with the creative side of me as I’ll do ANYTHING to get the shot. I even carry a 5 foot ladder in my car all the time to get that shot up high…as I poo my pants every time I stand on top =)

So when Sandra and Nick suggested that we do their lifestyle shoot at the Boulevard Club, where they keep their family boat… I was internally jumping for joy since I never did a shoot in / near water before.  But then I got a little nervous as I realized it was…shiver… water  (oh yeah, as sad as this sounds, I can’t swim…so maybe this  would make more sense now…).  And those narrow strips walking towards the boat with my gear strapped on me did not help.   I tried to be mr. cool about the situation, but obviously didn’t do a good act.  I remember at one point Nick asking me if everything was OK?  Haha… but once I started shooting…I overcame the fear.

Sandra and Nick are a super cool couple, great people and very photogenic.  I even remember at one point during the shoot, I stop to compliment Sandra cause she has such a pretty smile and amazing eyes… captivating…and really, I’m not one of the photographers that spits out compliments during the shoot to work the models …especially since her fiancé Nick is probably double my size and looks like he could make a wealthy living as a pro football player or UFC fighter =)

This shoot was fun and it was great that the weather worked in our favor. Before I get into the pics… I just want to thank Charmaine for introducing me to Sandra and Nick.  Here are some pics from their day. Can’t wait for the wedding guys!!

Thanks, Leon
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