Janice + Dan Lifestyle Session

My buddy from ultimate Frisbee - Lawrence is loud, fun and a great supporter of Leon's work. I think he appreciates Leon's passion which I can always say many tend to envy.  So needless to say, Lawrence introduced fellow accountant Janice and her future husband Dan to Leon and of course they hit off.  I mean he does have a way with  accountants,  right?  Dan flew into town just for the shoot as he is currently living in the east coast, so we had to make sure that it was great day. Luckily the weather cooperated with sunshine.  We started off in trinity square behind Eaton centre since Janice lives downtown.  But what made the shoot really cool was that we found out that Dan's dad actually designed  certain parts of trinity square. Now that is a great story for their family isn't it?

Moving around the downtown core we went out to Dundas Square where we got to see the kids playing in the fountains as the day brought us some sweltering heat…. Aww to be kids again. We went back into the Eaton Centre to get out of the heat and headed to a special spot for Janice and Dan, the Disney store.  We tried to be stealth as professional  pictures are not allowed but it meant a lot to this couple and we aim to please. The Disney store is where Janice and Dan used to meet when she used to work in the offices.  So it was so much fun to get them in the middle of the toys and just have a good time.

Can't wait for the wedding day - we will climb up those stairs in that wedding dress!  Here are some pics from the session.



Here are some pre scouting and behind the scene shots:

This is Leon telling me, lets shoot them kissing here...LOL
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