Michelle & Ian Married!!!

Gi always yells at me for posting too many teaser pics every time she sees a new post on my blog.  And I agree with her to an extent, since I always have a hard time narrowing down my favorites (and by no means am I saying every shot we take is the shot…well..hehe) but when I’m commissioned for 17 hours  to document a wedding, it’s hard just to pick 20 pics to tell the story.

Michelle and Ian’s wedding was great.  I started off early in the morning with Michelle and the girls while Kevin was with the guys.   Since I knew all the door games that the girls where planning, I kept thinking to myself…. Poor , Poor Ian =)

On another note, I was totally surprised to see some mutual friends at this wedding that I had not seen in a long time.   I was also pleasantly surprised when driving to Ian’s family home for their tea ceremony, apparently Ian and I grew up in the same hood and we also went to the same elementary school… small world indeed.

As always, before I let the pictures do the talking, I just want to thank Kathy and Eric Ho for always keeping me in mind and referring me to Ian and Michelle.  Also I want to thank my good friend Kevin Chan for second shooting with me.  Last but not least I must sincerely thank Michelle and Ian for giving me the honour to capture your big day / and letting me do what I love to do.   Here are a handful of pics from your day.


Leon Chai
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