An amazing 7-day celebration. Manasi & Brian’s Wedding

I can’t believe this was exactly one year ago… as this honestly feels so recent. I met some great people at this wedding, continued to stay in touch and even ran into Manasi’s family at other shoots prior to lock down.    I really looked forward to this wedding since it was held in Toronto… I got to fly back and since I know Toronto so well…a fun part of my job was to run around showing the best parts of Toronto’s landscape with Manasi and Brian since they both live in Australia.

So, this blog was tough to showcase… I mean, how do I show 7 days of events through a handful of images?  It’s funny, prior to their start of wedding marathon… I never met both Manasi or Brian until the day of… but it’s one of those where the moment you meet in person, you feel like you are already long time friends.  I am so thankful that I got the chance to capture all these beautiful days and got to meet some many good peoples at this wedding + since this was an Indian and Chinese wedding… I got the eat the two best foods in the world =)

Wishing my friends halfway around the world a very happy first anniversary.
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Elizabeth + Neil, The Loeb Boathouse Wedding

Wow, what a difference a year makes.

One year ago at this time, Leon and I were in New York on our first trip away from both kids.  It was our first adult trip that included both fun and work.  It is rare that I get to work with Leon shooting pictures since we had kids but this was a special one.  Not only was it one of our favourite cities but it was for one of my good friends.

You see, I have known the groom since our days studying at UofW where a bunch of us would stay up till odd hours cramming for our exams.     This is the way I remember the groom, even though he has grown into a NY sophisticate he will always just be my study buddy, drinking buddy, and ghetto friend.

New York is currently the epicenter of COVID-19 but in my mind it is where Broadway sits, where Central Park blooms, where SOHO shopping surprises, and where people from around the world converge.  I can only hope that when I return to this city it is as beautiful and wonderful as it was when we were there a year ago.  When it was a place for celebration, for beauty, for the mingling of cultures, and the epicenter of diversity vs. devastation.

Until then, here are some pics from what seems to be a lifetime ago.  A perfect NY wedding that started with a pre party of friends on the rooftop the day before the big day.  The wedding day celebrations began with cherry blossoms in Central Park, a traditional ceremony at the Loeb Boathouse, and night shots at the Bethesda.

NY we will see you soon.
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Wedding at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Denise & Thomas

Not only was this venue super cool (it’s my go to place for the best pancakes in Toronto) but even the format of the reception was unique.   I can tell that the main priority of Denise and Thomas was for the guests to relax , mingle and have fun with good eats – with nothing formal yet at the same time still keep it classy and faaaancy… with that said, they nailed it.  Even with photography, they were so go with the flow and as you can see, it resulted it a bunch a fun pics that truly represented them.

Looking back at these pics I remember saying to my second lead Chris that the lighting for their day was so good.  Even for the reception, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen had large windows which drew in some soft light that made for awesome images.

As I’m slowly but surely updating my blog, I wanted to showcase this wonderful wedding with my friends and of course it gives me a chance to say thank you!




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A surprise engagement at Carmel at the beach

I realized I have I have a lot of updating to do on this site… where do I begin?  I wanted to showcase this shoot (before posting their wedding ) . This was one of my first shoots in Cali and at one of my favourite places, Carmel by the sea.  So the plan was this,  Berton was going to propose on the beach and I was going to hideout and capture it.. easy right?  Then when I got to Carmel, I had to make sure he knew where I was hiding without ruining the surprise was the big challenge. But we somehow managed to communicate and he figured out my location.  On that note, I have done a bunch of these surprise engagement captures but something about hiding behind a rock with a huge lens taking ninja snaps at the beach .. makes one feel a little creepy..haha

As you can see in the picture, Karen said yes! Woo hoo!  Afterwards we basically had a blast going around Carmel taking pics and ending off in San Fran.   Many thanks to my friends Berton and Karen for this and I’m pumped to put together some wedding pics to show you guys.


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A Toronto wedding during a winter storm. This was awesome

I want to refrain from saying I miss the snow…since I know all my friends in Toronto are probably hating this weather right now.  As I’ve been updating this blog, I remembered this wonderful wedding we shot last year that was in the heart of a winter storm.  The weather was crazy and freezing.

Anyway, I going to do something a little different and jump right into the meat and potatoes of their formal pics that took place outdoors during the storm.  So how was it shooting in the cold blowing storm you ask? Oh man… I won't even go there... but I personally love the pics. The only reason it worked out so well was the bride, groom and wedding party were all super pumped to make it happen.  Stay warm my Toronto peeps.

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Wedding at Canoe Restaurant Jennifer & Shekeb

I remember when I first corresponded with the bride, she described to me a simple civil ceremony and some pretty pics after. A few months later… the wedding evolved to what we see in the pics…  2 ceremonies and a reception at one of Toronto’s best restaurants =)

This was a rainy day, but it totally worked out for pics… especially since the bride and groom were willing to make it happen.  I have shot at Canoe Restaurant so many times and it’s always good times – from the view to the food – for those who haven’t been check out this documentary on the head chef .

Many thanks my friends Jennifer and Shekeb!

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