A+T+ Family / New Born – Winter Family Lifestyle Session

This family session had every combination that I love when doing these photoshoots.  First off… our session was in the winter.  The fact that we had snow on the ground was awesome, especially since this year the snow in Toronto was weak sauce (good and bad thing).   With a new addition to their family, Baby E was probably 5 weeks old at the time.  We combined a newborn and family session which are two types of sessions that I love.  After spending the first 10 minutes chatting with A… I knew right off the bat that him and his family were great people.  We also realized the many mutual friends we had aside from Sara who had gifted this session (thanks Sara, you’re the best!)

Baby E was so cooperative for this session and it was awesome that A and his kids were willing to head outside for some pics in the snow… sorry for the suggestion of the snow ball ambush brother =)  I guess, as the snow decreases every year in Toronto.  the good thing is that you guys will have some pics to reflect back one day and say “remember that cold white stuff we use to play with in the winter time…”

As always, sincere thanks A+T & family.  Also, thanks to Sara for gifting this session and always keeping us in mind.  Here are just a few pics to visually story tell our session.

Happy Monday everyone!

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Oregon to Toronto – Family Session

I do miss working for   “corporate” sometimes… especially on those 18 hour edit days that I’ve been having lately =) Mostly what I miss about corporate are the great friends / colleagues I see on a day to day basis… (and having health benefits was good times too =) )

Kim is an example of the good people I met when I was in corporate that made everyday more enjoyable. I got an email from her telling me she lives in Oregon now and was popping back by Toronto to visit for a week and wanted some family session pics done.  This was awesome since it gave me a chance to see her after all these years and her little kids (that are not so little anymore =) )

The weather didn’t work in our favor as it was raining and a reschedule wasn’t going to happen since they were only in town for a week… so like always, work with what you got and make it happen =)

Kim, it was really great seeing you and the family!  Thank you so much for keeping me in mind for this shoot and if Gi and I pop by your city, we’ll do a shoot there!  Here are just a small handful of pics from our session… the rest is on its way to you!

Your Friend, Leon
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