Sundae and Stephen’s Wedding // Aurora

As some of you know I am an accountant and naturally I have an affinity to other accountants.   So this wedding was right in my comfort zone – geeky I know…but so true.   I started off the morning at Stephen’s best man’s house where the boys were getting ready and I was greeted by two large surprises.   One a Bentley Super Sport – sweet!!! And Two, one of the largest dogs I had ever seen.   Both beautiful in their own ways =).

One of the interesting parts of being an accountant is that we understand what each other have gone through when we chose this career.   You could see the understanding and love between Sundae and Stephen but the most interesting part was that Stephen’s parents have a similar romantic story.  Both these couples were developed at E&Y and as Stephen’s mom noted “the E&Y matchmaking service is still going strong”.

Congratulations to my fellow accountant’s =)


Stephen and Sundae are one of the kindest and nicest couple.  It has been great getting to know them throughout the year leading up to the big day.   When I walked in the house where Sundae was getting ready, it was awesome being cheerfully greeted by Stephen’s family.  I even got a great surprise when I saw Patricia doing Sundae’s make up as we got to work together in Hawaii a few months back.   You know that saying something old and something new for the wedding day… these two hands down win the award for the best items.   As Gi mentioned, Stephen and his best man showed up in a Bentley Supersports and Sundae rode in a Vintage Rolls Royce. Serious.

Their ceremony was both bright and beautiful with the wonderful weather and the love of this couple.  Another awesome surprise was seeing Pastor Pete who also joined us in Hawaii.  The reception went perfectly.  Kudos to the girls in the bridal party, you guys ROCKED dance floor with their surprise dance.    Before we visually story tell their day, I want to thank Jason Kuo for the giving us this warm intro from the get go (continued thanks for your support brother) and sincerest thanks to both Stephen and Sundae for having us on your awesome day.   Welcome back guys =)

Your Friend, Leon Chai

Make Up – Patricia Lee

Venue – Oakview Terrance (

Church – Trinity Anglican Church,  Aurora (
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