Nellie and Aman… Take 4?

Let me rewind to 2 years ago.  When I first met Nellie…we clicked.   People that know her will agree…she’s awesome.  So when I had the opportunity to shoot her wedding last year, it was everything that I expected.  All good times… except for one part… the weather.  It rained, which was not a bad thing since it’s a sign of good luck but just crappy for not being able to get some nice outdoor shots.

So when I presented the pics to Nellie and Aman last year, I promised that when the summer hit this year, I’d make it up to them.  So if rain equivocates to good luck, each time we set a date (I think the count was 4) to do this after shoot… it rained.  (Nellie / Aman.. you guys got some serious wealth coming your!)    We gave it one last shot and finally the weather cooperated with us.  Truth be told, as much as I wanted to do this for Aman and Nellie…this was my excuse to hook up with the of them again ..have some fun and introduce them to I told her lots about them both.

Nellie and Aman.. great seeing you guys again…Gi and I hope you like the results =)    Here are some pics from our session.   Now I got another excuse to meet up…. Drop off the DVD…


Leon & Gi
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