Afternoon at the ROM // Maternity Shoot

We’ve been really busy the past few months, which is great but I’ve been totally ignoring our blog with these proud updates I want to show. So when S&N contacted me to capture her at a beautiful stage in her pregnancy, I suggested we do this indoors and chose the ROM. On a side note, I have grown to love when clients ask us to capture this lifestage in their pregnancy. I really think it’s such a beautiful change in a mom to be’s body and most importantly it’s such a sweet lifestage which leads to something so precious.

We all met at the ROM got to know each other while lining up to get our tickets, since it was jam packed that day. Right off the bat just chatting with them, I got a sense that they are such good peoples which made our shoot easy breezy and fun. So the game plan was, we walk around and try to find spots that were the least busy and use the cool architecture of the ROM. To my new friends, I hope you guys are keeping well and can’t wait to meet your little one for their first photo shoot. I also want to sincerely thank S’s cousin Opal for giving the warm intro / referral - merci sister!
Like always, I’ll let the pics tell the story of the day.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Soon to be a family of 4 // J&S+ Big brother to be

I could not be happier for this wonderful family.  I got the chance to know them when J was pregnant with A.   It felt just like yesterday we did their maternity session and their adorable newborn shoot of their son.  So I was thrilled to get the message from J that she was expecting again and we booked in a time a few weeks back to do this fun maternity + family session.   We chose the beach as the location, as it was the perfect spot given that they used to spend a lot of time there and they were having a summer baby.   The backdrop and feel worked out perfectly.  When J&S and A arrived… holeee smokes… I couldn’t believe how cute and big A has grown (captain obvious says “of course Leon.. the last time you saw him, he was only few days old..haha)

As much as I love documenting life stages and especially these maternity sessions, it’s just that much more adorable when there is a child in the mix.  As you see in the photos below, we had some fun with the fam.. and if I was big brother A, I would enlarge some pics and hang them in the house as a reminder =)

To my friends J&S, thank you guys both for the ongoing support and having me document this awesome lifestage in your family.  You guys are wonderfully blessed!  I can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family.  Here are a few pics from our shoot.

Your Friend, Leon
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T&R Maternity Shoot

I’ve been itching to use Shops on Don Mills for a shoot.  I really like the open space, the California feel, and the restaurants are good times too.  So when T&R asked us to do a maternity shoot – I was stoked that they like this location too.    The shoot was fun times although it was a little tricky to get little L to stay in one spot AND look like he was having a good time.  R – next time I see a truck coming at you, I’m not saying squat brother =)

Here are some of our favorite pics from the session.  Since we’ve been crazy busy with shoots and edits we’ve been a little behind on the blogging, so congrats again on the new edition!

Your friend, Leon
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L+J Maternity Session + 1 Little Sneak Peak =)

A few months back I spoke to J on the phone and we worked out the details on the maternity shoot with him and his wife.  I was pretty excited since they are friends of Janet and Scot (my last wedding post) and the plan was for me to meet them at the wedding before our session.  Of course, plans sometimes change especially when mother nature is calling the shots.   I got an email from J one day asking if I could pop by the same night because this little guy was ready to come out….So I headed over that afternoon to make sure we got the shots….I must say L was totally relaxed for someone who ended up having their little guy that same night …  L&J super congrats on the new addition!  Here are just a small handful of pics from our maternity session… + one little sneak peak pic from our newborn session =)  … more to come!

Thanks again for having us document these two special events. L – looking back at the pics, I’ll say it again.. you look stunning!!!

Your Friend,


Congrats again =)
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Just a few more weeks to go. Nirvana + Levon Maternity Shoot

There is a pretty cool story of how I met this couple. But before I get into the details, I really want to thank Kathleen for recommending this photo session to Levon as a gift idea for Christmas.  We are always excited when people want to “gift us” for lifestyles sessions to their friends.  Anyway.. Merci – Obrigado – Gracias again Kathleen =)

So my wife thinks I am way too chatty since I tend to talk up a storm with everyone I meet. I dunno, I guess I just really love meeting new people.  So last summer I remember hanging out at my friend’s house down the street from us and when he went in to grab me a drink I walked over to his neighbour.  This was because two things caught my eye about him 1) His s-c-h-w-e-e-t Audi and 2) His fancy portable Dyson vacuum.  So we started to chat about his car and the vacuum (as he was cleaning his car) and he introduced me to his wife.   When I got home I told Gi about the car and the Dyson..  a few days later I got the Ok to buy the Dyson… Still waiting for the OK on the Audi…sigh..hint hint gi???

Now here is the small world part, when the holiday season rolled around I got an email asking about “gifting us” for a maternity session.   We went back and forth via emails, and finally decided to meet up to finalize the details…and yes, you guessed it! … it was ironically my friend’s neighbour!  Good times!   (See Gi.. perfect example of how my curse is a gift in life.. ha!~)

The session was a blast… Gi and I had tons of fun.  As you can see, both Levon and Nirvana are naturals in front of the camera.  This session was pretty cool too since a good friend of ours lent us one of his personal classic furniture pieces to accent Nirvana’s belly  – Thanks Mike!

Gi and I can’t wait till the little one arrives to capture some newborn pics  =)

Thanks, Leon & Gi
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