Afternoon at the ROM // Maternity Shoot

We’ve been really busy the past few months, which is great but I’ve been totally ignoring our blog with these proud updates I want to show. So when S&N contacted me to capture her at a beautiful stage in her pregnancy, I suggested we do this indoors and chose the ROM. On a side note, I have grown to love when clients ask us to capture this lifestage in their pregnancy. I really think it’s such a beautiful change in a mom to be’s body and most importantly it’s such a sweet lifestage which leads to something so precious.

We all met at the ROM got to know each other while lining up to get our tickets, since it was jam packed that day. Right off the bat just chatting with them, I got a sense that they are such good peoples which made our shoot easy breezy and fun. So the game plan was, we walk around and try to find spots that were the least busy and use the cool architecture of the ROM. To my new friends, I hope you guys are keeping well and can’t wait to meet your little one for their first photo shoot. I also want to sincerely thank S’s cousin Opal for giving the warm intro / referral - merci sister!
Like always, I’ll let the pics tell the story of the day.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Lifelong friends…

I am lucky in life to have a number of lifelong friends.  Friends that you know have your back and you know you will always have theirs.   Helen is one of those people, I have known her since high school and we have grown up together.   We have gone from our insecure teenage years to university to young professionals to marriage and now watching her go through the joys of parenthood.

It is a rare treasure to have her in Tdot nowadays as Helen and her hubby Enoch normally live on the other side of the country.  So since they were here for the big SS wedding, we got a chance to snap some pics.   She was in last days where she could fly but Helen looked great and was just enjoying her pregnancy.   We can’t wait to meet little bean bean :p

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Fast forward 9 months and today’s the day!

Gina and Sam are all about exciting milestones.  Last year Gi and I waited until the end of the year to have the honour to capture their wedding in gorgous Punta Cana, Dominician.  Fast forward 9 months and I get to see our awesome friends again and this time I get to capture the both of them…when they are expecting!  So again… exciting milestone as today’s the day!

Happiness can’t even begin to describe how I feel for them both.  Gina and Sam, I’m forever honoured to continue to capture these beautiful milestones in your life.  Like the rest of your friends and family… Gi and I can’t wait to meet the new addition and capture some newborn pics.

Your Friend,  Leon
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