Bump to Cute Little Baby.

It’s the most wonderful news to hear when your friends are expecting. So when the father to be emailed me the great news back in December, I was truly thrilled for them. I’m so happy I got to capture both the pregnancy and their gorgeous son at his newborn stage. For me, it was just great to see both J&R since the last time I saw them was when we gave them their wedding pics.

I love how they decided to do their maternity shoot at their home as I agree with the saying “home is where the heart is”. We worked around their house and just basically had some fun with the session. Towards the end of our shoot, I loved the fact that we got to get in some snow pics, which properly represented their winter pregnancy and our crazy vortex this year.

Now fast forward a few weeks and here comes this gorgeous little dude. What was perfect about this shoot was that all of the family was over that day and everyone got a chance to be in a picture with the star player. Baby M was picture perfect for the shoot and the Mom and Dad looked great too. To my friends J&R, loved seeing you guys and thank you for letting me capture these precious life stages in your lives. Both Gi and I are thrilled that you guys are parents. Here are some pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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First Christmas // Newborn Shoot

Talk about a crazy couple of days for people here in Toronto. We hope everyone is safe at home with power and heat.. especially being Christmas eve and all. Speaking of which, I wanted to share 2 separate entries that relate to this wonderful time of the year… starting with this cute shoot of baby O.  T&S are friends of mine and I couldn’t be happier for them when T told me that they where expecting.  After baby O was born, we figured out a date that worked for everyone and I hopped on by.   As always, it’s great seeing friends I have not seen in a while and it’s especially sweeter when you mix in a cute baby.  The shoot was super cute as you’ll see in the pic and I’m thankful that Baby O’s Nona was there as she was a great asset in helping us out.


To my friends T&S, it was great seeing you guys and congrats again on your beautiful daughter.  Thanks so much for having me do these pics for you.. it is an honour guys. Wishing the 4 of you a Merry Christmas from Gi and I.. here are a few pics from our shoot. See you at Guv no? =)

Your Friend, Leon
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Welcoming Newborn Baby E to our world!

We got to A and V’s house and saw A by the car.  Apparently he had to go back to his parent’s house to get a very important prop for the pictures.  You see, A and V seen this post  HERE and also are mutual friends and they wanted to use a traditional Laos prop as well.   Who needs babies in baskets when you got sticky rice holders =)

A and V had just moved into house after the birth of little E which made the setting perfect as it gave us a lot of room to work with.  And they had painted a super cute mural on the wall with a cool Totoro, what little baby boy wouldn’t love that?

We hope you guys have caught up on some sleep and can’t wait to see what little E will be doing next!

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Welcoming little B to our world. Congrats M&N!!

Gi kindly tapped me on my shoulder this week and said… “you know Leon.. by the time you post up Little B new born pics, he’ll probably be walking and talking”… God bless my kind wife… hehe.  We’ve been pretty busy at the studio lately with back to back shoots and meeting tons of awesome, awesome people – so forgive me for the lack of updates.

Like everyone, we need more time in the day… but in our world, we know time flies when it feels like yesterday when we were shooting M&N’s wedding.  And now we’re capturing the first few days of their little son’s arrival.  Its crazy how time flies – but for us, it’s all-joyful landmarks.  This session… and I can generally say with all newborn – family lifestyle sessions that they are truly fun.  We enjoy these sessions A LOT since really… what’s not to like? I mean the new mommies and daddies are always ecstatic and the newborn is naturally super cute.

I’ll keep my babbling to a minimum and like always, let the pics tell the story.  I really don’t say this enough – but thank you Gi for ALL your creative inputs and different moments you captured.     Congrats again to M&N, I hope you enjoy some pics from the day.


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