My Growing Family

I haven’t been blogging often with Leon …couple of reasons….busy with a 21 month old, work, and being pregnant. Now the world is going to be even crazier when this little guy is born so before his arrival I am taking a quick chance to put down some thoughts.  Really it is a blog about all the things I am thankful for.

First off,  I have to thank God for the gift of our daughter and everything she has taught us over the last 21 months.  Now I have to thank God again because I never thought I was going to be given the gift of two children.  I won’t lie but I am a little more scared the second time around.  Scared of whether I will be able to raise a boy since I have always been surrounded by women in my life, scared of how I make sure that neither of my children feel favoured or left out at the same time, scared of how I can be a good mother, a good wife, and a career woman all at once, scared of how my decisions impact those around me.    This I guess is what they call parenthood.

I am super thankful for Leon who has been the backbone to this family during this crazy time.  He is my superman and super dad when I am a nervous wreck.  He deals with my emotions whether they are up or down and supports all of us through it all.   We still fight, we still battle it out, but at the end of the day I am thankful that we do because it only means that we are willing to challenge each other and care enough to make it work. Raising a family isn’t easy, keeping a marriage together is even harder, and remembering how lucky we are to just be alive is the reality of life.    We both remind each other of that and I am lucky to have a partner in life that is my best friend, my husband, and a father who is truly hands on.  I can’t really ask for more.

It takes a village to raise a child and I can’t finish this blog without mentioning one more important person in this family unit.  My mom.   She is in HK right now at a reunion of sorts ( wish I was there but for some reason being 36 weeks pregnant they don’t recommend flying :p ).   She has been the reason why I have been able to do all the things that I have accomplished in life and in recent months.   She is the reason why Alexis feels loved from all sides and why Leon and I have a great relationship.  From the day I was born she has been my guardian and she continues to be.  I can only hope that I can take care of her half as well as she has taken care of me over the years.

And with that I am anxiously waiting for little boy’s arrival.   His room is almost done, I have two more weeks before I am off work, and I am so excited for my daughter to have a built in friend for life.   I know that just because they are siblings they are not guaranteed best friends but I hope they growing up knowing they have one another.  Maybe it is my wishful thinking since I was raised as an only child and always saw how all my friends had these enviable relationships with their siblings.

So to my child who is joining this family in less than a month.   Mommy is excited for you to join us and she wants to remind you that as lucky as we are to have you join us.  You are a lucky child because you have a family that will love you more than life itself.   As the theme in our household goes…”All you need is love”
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Sarah & John Married. The Doctor’s House Wedding

There is an unspoken rule for wedding photographers… and that rule is… focus on the bride.  For Sarah and John’s wedding the rule was bent a little… as their daughter was a big spotlight too… as she is so adorable and loved by everyone.. as you’ll see in the pics.

I’m so happy that John contacted me. He’s an old high school friend of mine that I have not seen in ages.  We had our first meeting at their home, where I got to meet his beautiful wife and gorgeous little girl. The meeting was a great chance to swap parenting stories and just play chat up.  So when we got the go ahead to capture their wedding… I was super thrilled.

On the day, John and Sarah ran a little late (don’t blame them.. try getting ready with a baby).  So we started off shooting the family that was at the venue first.  The cool part is…  I got to meet the family that makes the best espresso…(Micheal-Angelo Market Place).

The day of the wedding was cold and windy - we even had snow.  When Sarah, John and their daughter arrived, we worked extremely fast to get a few outdoor pics before anyone froze.  Sarah and John and their daughter looked amazing. The Doctor’s house was a perfect venue for their celebration. Good size , great food and has such a intimate feel.  The night was loaded with great speeches, live singing and dancing.

I want to thank my friend Kevin C for shooting this event with me and also want to sincerely thank Joanne (John’s sister) for the warm intro.  My friends John and Sarah, thanks so much for having me capture your big day… You guys are truly a beautiful family and I’m so happy for you guys. Here are some pics we chose to share with you as we continue to edit the rest.

Your Friend, Leon
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Viola + Tim, RC Harris Water Treatment Engagement Shoot

We couldn’t ask for a better day. Blue skies, Simpson clouds and not too hot.  I asked Viola and Tim to meet me at one of my fave spots / areas in Toronto… the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant by the beaches.  I love this spot… and love the surrounding area too for pics.

When Viola and Tim showed up… they looked so good. I love and appreciate the fact that they rocked matching shoes.  During the shoot I got the biggest sense of how much fun these two have together… especially since the best shot from this session was just catching being together.  After we left the beaches we headed over to Queen street for a coffee break, outfit change and even got a chance to grab a healthy green drink from Farmacia Juice Bar.  A big thank you to them for letting me take some pics inside their beautiful store.

To my friends Viola and Tim, can’t wait for your upcoming wedding in the Distillery. Here are a few pics from our session. Enjoy!

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Kelly & Richard Married. Bellvue Manor Wedding

The cool part about this wedding for me was that I got to join in some of the festivities that lead up to their big day. Aside from the lifestyle shoot, we did a month before their wedding… Rich was kind enough to invite me out for drink as we share mutual friends. Good times that night and thanks for everything again.

On the day of their wedding, I started off at Rich’s sister’s house where Kelly and her wedding party were getting ready. Things were both calm and hectic in the morning .. everyone was cool but so much was going on.  It was wicked to see Ryan Buan and his cinematography team first thing too… always love working with them. Kelly looked beautiful as always along with her flower girl whom I hadn’t seen in years.

Our friend/ teammate Chris Chan was over at the guys in the morning and after looking at all his pics, it seems like there was so much action over at the groom’s… from coordinating Marvel shirts with the guys to Motorcycle riding. Speaking of Marvel and comics, Kelly got Rich a signed copy of the Amazing Spider Man – wedding issue as a present – sweet!

After a beautiful church ceremony we headed back to Rich’s parents for lunch and did some family pics in there gorgeous back yard.  The rest of the day went was perfect.. I mean amazing weather (maybe a little too amazing…man it was  hot) for the formal pics and an amazing evening at Bellvue Manor.

Before we get into the pics, I sincerely want to thank my friend Jerry and Christina for the years of support… really appreciate it guys. I want to thank our friend Chris Chan for shooting this event with me.  I especially want to thank Kelly and Rich for having me capture your big day. I hope you guys had an amazing honeymoon.. and welcome back! Here are just a handful of pics from your day as we’re editing the rest.


Your Friend, Leon
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Kelly & Richard… A few more days to go

I’m pretty stoked for the weekend.  I get to shoot a wedding with these good peoples, Kelly and Richard, and I get to see a handful of our mutual friends at the same time.  I’m also super stoked since the next day is our baby first b-day party…. Sigh how time flies so quickly.

There could not have been a better spot to start off their lifestyle session then at Rich’s parents home. I’ve been here before during the Fall season when I did a shoot for Rich’s nephew and niece… and I love their place.  Front and back yard is immaculate... all the hard work in landscaping definitely shone through.

Kelly and Rich are a super easy going couple which makes this picture taking business super fun on my end.   We started off using their awesome London Style phone booth in the front and worked are way around the house.

When the garage opened… it was like heaven for me.  Mint Lambo Countach on the left and motorcycle on the right.  So naturally we just had to use these toys.  We headed off after to a near by park and just wrapped up some more fun shots with Kelly and Richard.

I want to thank my friend Jerry for the warm intro to his brother in law… thanks always for the support brother. To my friends Richard and Kelly thank you both so much and can’t wait till Sat.

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Photography She’s so perfect. 10 days old, Newborn

I know this sounds crazy, but I really, really miss this newborn stage.   The even crazier part is that, even though our daughter is not even a year old… I can hardly remember her at this stage.   Words every parent will agree on... you just can’t believe how fast they grow.

When I got to L&G’s place and met their little baby Z for the first time - she looked so beautiful and perfect.  L&G also looked amazing for being new parents… both so calm and energetic.  It was such a sweet shoot capturing their daughter as she was perfect in front of the camera.   Baby Z worked with every pose and didn’t fuss one bit.   We got a chance to do some pics in Baby Z’s nursery, which was great since they did such an amazing job prepping her room. And speaking of prep… I loved how Mom had various outfits all planed out and ready for this shoot.

To my friends L&G, it’s so great to see you both and congrats on your gorgeous daughter – you guys makes great parents. Thank you so much for your support and having me capture this precious life stage for your family. Here are just a few pics from our session.

Your friend, Leon
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