Faria & Billy Married. 2 amazing days #portudesh

Happy long weekend and Happy 1 month (and a bit) to my friends that are showcased in this blog. This multiday event was a celebration I really looked forward to since the planning begun last year.  We (my second lead Chris) and I got to know this family well from their Nikkah ceremony and from Faria’s sister’s wedding last year… so everything felt right at home.

As we’re currently in a heat wave, I’m reminded that during their wedding celebration last month it was also record highs. We were seriously all melting during the outdoor formals.  Before going into the pics, I want to thank Ruchika Karnani, from Beyoutiful Beginnings… (she’s an awesome planner to work with!), Chris for sweating it out with me and of course my good friends Faria and Billy.  Thank you both so much – I hope you enjoy these pics!



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Faria & Billy’s Nikah Ceremony

I’m so happy to be able to capture Faria and Billy’s wedding events, starting with this ceremony.  I felt so at home with them since they are already my friends as I had the fantastic opportunity to meet all sides of their family at Faria’s sister’s wedding this past summer.

This was a fun and intimate ceremony that happened only a few weeks back. Faria and her family got ready at her sister’s place and right afterwards we headed over to the ceremony location which was a hop, skip and jump away. Captain obvious here, but it should be mentioned that Faria looked gorgeous in her dress.   The ceremony was sweet and we literally headed out right after to take some pics around the area.

I was super excited as I knew I was going to try out some new props for this shoot.  The night before, I had grabbed some smoke grenades since I knew that with their personalities they would have a blast with them.

Thanks so much to you both and I’m so stoked for all the events next year.

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72 hours captured. Nahid and Jay’s Wedding

There was 4 crazy memorable things about their Gaye Holud ceremony and wedding that come to mind even after almost 2 months when I reflected back.   First, was the amount of effort that went into the Gaye Holud ceremony.  Their aunt and uncle held the event and meticulous in the level of detail that went into the decorations. Thank the lord it didn’t rain and this statement will make sense when you look at the pics of the house.

Second thing I remembered clearly was Faria and her fiancé Billy, you would have thought they were the wedding planners but I knew that wasn’t the case because I had previously met them with Nahid.   They were literally setting up, planning, coordinating .. children watching… kind of running the show and basically if we had a question, they had all the answers.

The third thing and probably the best thing I personally remembered was the blending of cultures.  It’s so awesome to see throughout all their wedding events how everyone was open to experience each others cultures and rituals. Even my second lead photographer said the same thing to me at the end of their wedding.

And the last thing was the dancing. Everybody danced. I’m not talking just swinging their hips on the dance floor. It felt like everyone did a coordinated dance for Nahid and Jay (including Nahid and Jay). Definitely some awesome stuff.

As we’re in full edit mode, I wanted to share some pics from each day. Thanks so much to my friend Chris C for shooting this event with me and I especially want to Nahid and Jay for having me.

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Lama and Rashad, Wedding at Berkeley Church

This wedding from beginning to end and it felt like one big party (and hey.. that’s the way it should be!) This couple flew into Toronto from Abu Dhabi to celebrate their wedding with all their Toronto friends and family. I had never met Lama or Rashad before this day…or even seen a picture of them.. so it was kinda funny showing up asking “are you the bride?”. Luckily both Lama and Rashad are such sincere and kind people making them super easy to work with. Not to mention the fact that it didn’t hurt that they are a great looking couple.

Arab weddings rock. I always enjoy documenting them since there is always tons of dancing and music.  When we got to the Berkeley, Lama and Rashad’s entrance was lead by a group of dancers and live performers.  Pretty dope.  We had a small window to do formal pics and we totally utilized the cool space at Berkeley Church and its surroundings. Since this was later in the evening, it kind of worked to our advantage since there wasn’t any harsh sunlight like our usual mid afternoon shoots.

We had fun at this wedding and I want to thank my new friends Lama and Rashad for having us capture their special event! I also want to thank Kathy from Berkeley for being so on the ball with things and keeping us informed of every move.  Lama and Rashad, here are some pics from your event. Hope you had a great time in Toronto!



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Jeemin & Suzy Married. Alderlea Mansion Wedding

This was a cute and sweet lunch wedding celebration held at a venue that has only been open to the public since 2015.   When I got to the event, both Jeemin and Suzy were onsite getting ready but the nice part about this place was that the couple could be separated since the top of the house has a beautiful room that could be used as a bridal suite. Suzy was all dressed when I got upstairs and she looked gorgeous as you’ll see in the pics. The vibe was calm and she was chilling out with family and friends.  Downstairs Jeemin and the guys were adding some last minute touches while the guests all arrived.

This wedding was unique not only due to the venue, but there were so many creative touches in both the ceremony and reception.  The bride and groom had personalized vows took the time to thank their family.  During the reception, they involved the guests by having them play games and prepared numerous prizes for them – definitely not a dull wedding.

I always enjoy capturing these lunch wedding events and this one was no exception. I want to thank Gina L for referring me to her family and I want to especially thank Suzy and Jeemin for having me capture their special day. Here are some pics from your event as we continue to edit the rest.


Thanks, Leon
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Karen & Chris Married. Evergreen Brick Works / Paradise Banquet

Aloha from Maui! Every vacation I swear to Gi the night before that I won’t do  any work while on vaca…and every year I break that promise until this year…as I technically  had all the images ready for this blog entry and planned to load them up when I got moment to settle in Hawaii.   But a slow internet connection made this easy plan a slow and painful one.  Bottom line, I am excited to share some pics from our friends Karen and Chris’ s wedding.

This wedding was one of our last weddings for our 2016 season… and I couldn’t ask for a nicer couple like Karen and Chris to wrap up our year with… they are totally good peoples.   Looking at these pictures, the other amazing thing was the weather. This was early November but that day it felt like mid summer – we totally lucked out.  I’m not going to write too much about the details of their day since nap time for kids only last so long and Gi’s gonna kill me but I do want to say a few things that the pics don’t show.  I think one of the sweetest things on their day was planning a stop to visit Karen’s Grandmother at her home.  We all know how time constrained a wedding day can be and it’s amazing that they made time for something this important to them.

I want to thank our mutual friends Jo and Rob as they are the reason I got to meet this amazing couple. I want to thank my friend Kevin C for shooting this along side me.  To my friends Karen and Chris, thanks so much for having us capture your big day. Here are some pics we chose to tell your story.



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