Janice and Dan – Lions and lettuce, oh my!

I knew Janice and Dan’s wedding was going to be an exciting one right when we stepped into Janice sister’s house the day of their wedding.  Signs of double happiness, relatives greeting each other with excitement, and bridesmaids scurrying about the house was what greeted us at the door. I think everyone just wanted to make sure that they were looking good before they tortured Dan and his support team with their crazy and fun door games.  I can say the games were definitely original and Dan worked hard to get his bride – never will I look at pantyhose and oranges the same way again.

This lucky and privileged couple were able to get married at the grand and beautiful St. Michael’s cathedral downtown.  It is one of the most well known churches in Toronto and it is always an honour to shoot there, even though there are many photography rules.   At the rehearsal, we were reminded of the rules of the church, which apparently do not apply to guests, - I think I might just dress up as a guest next time – but then I am deceiving the church.- oh…moral conflict!...i digress…back to the ceremony…it was gorgeous, romantic and filled with love.  And ended off with the perfect touch handmade rings by the bride and groom…now that’s an awww moment. =p

The reception was a blast and started off with a bang as Janice surprised Dan with a lion dance and flying lettuce.  Everybody was also staring at the crazy cake that Janice’s cousin made – the details were amazing! (Please check out her site at www.wickedlittlecakecompany.ca)  With the live band, origami kisses, and butt shaking ping pong balls this was definitely a night to remember =)

Congratulations again guys!  Your day was so much fun and enjoy some of the memories we captured for you.


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