Michelle & Allen Married!!! // Toronto Wedding

If I could summarize both Michelle and Allen in two words… it would be good peoples.  And I can’t express this more, I was lucky enough to get to know them throughout the year leading up to their wedding and these two… such good peoples.  I know I mentioned this before on the posting of their lifestyle session, but I really can’t express how much respect I have for their careers as nurses.  And as the saying goes, birds of a feather stick together and their wedding saw how everyone around them were just such good people.   Their wedding was a longer commission but it felt like nothing as Gi and I had a blast being surrounded by good people, making it that much better.

I was stoked to see “doors games” on their itinerary as Gi and I have not documented this in a while and it’s always fun.  So the morning started off with Gi capturing Allen and his groomsmen while I started off with Michelle and the girls getting ready.    I got to give kudos to Michelle for being the most hands on Bride.  I mean she was tying flowers throughout the morning.  Also.. check out the hangers…. Awesomeness.  When the guys arrived, Gi and I swapped roles and she stayed with Michelle and the girls while I caught the fun outside watching the dudes do the traditional door games.  The weather could not have been better as their ceremony was outdoors.  All the details in this wedding were great, as the rest of the night was a blast with great speeches and fun games.

Before I let our pics visually story tell their day, I want to thank a bunch of people.  My friend Gary for referring me to this awesome couple.   The cinematography team from Honey and Dear : www.honeyanddear.com (Andrew / Emily and Katie) such a talented and great team to work with, solid SDE guys.  My main pair of eyes, Gi who I depend on greatly.   Last but not least, Michelle and Allen.  You guys are the best and make a perfect couple. Thank you both so much for having us be a part of your awesome day.  Here are some initial pics to bring back some memories as we are processing the rest.  Enjoy!

Your Friend, Leon
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