Fusia Magazine – The making and the final result

For those that know me well, EVERYTHING I do in life is fueled from passion first.  For me, the best advice I will give to anyone is that you have to be passionate about what you do, and the rest WILL come. I know that sounds so cliché, but its the formula has worked for me.  For example, with the wedding side of my business, if you think about it logically, being on your feet for 16 hours plus, editing all day and night, and giving up every single weekend is really not about the money, but its cause I truly freaking love it.

Last year when I met Meera Solanki, I saw that same fuel in her eyes when she was explaining to me the concept of Fusia Magazine. Everything she said on why she wanted to start this magazine was based off passion – I like.  When she commissioned me to be the official photographer for the magazine, I was honoured and excited. The shoots for this magazine was divided into various session throughout the year.   I had the awesome opportunity to meet Sitara Hewitt twice, once for the interview shoot and then for the cover.  The concept of the various interior (ad) spreads was inspired by Gi and my trash the dress session, which involved graffiti walls and an urban background   Since I’m always interested in “the making” or “behind the scenes” of movies and ads, I thought I would showcase some images I shot for Fusia Magazine.  You guys can see the complete final results by picking up a copy right now at your local Chapters/Indigo!  I’m personally excited to see a copy, since I’m out of Canada right now.

Special thanks to Meera and Jon for the awesome opportunity, The School, for the location shoot, all the awesome models, Minal Kharkar for her fantastic design skills and working along side the talented make up and hair person, Malinda Noronha for making my job easier. I can’t wait for the next edition of Fusia!

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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