Michelle & Andrew’s Lifestyle / Engagement Session

Photography for us really has opened up our eyes to see daily things, spots and places in such a different light.   Honestly its irreversible the way we look at things, really things aren’t at face value anymore.  Wherever Gi and I go… we also end up saying “the Bride and Groom would look siiiiick right there…” .  That being said, funny enough, with Michelle and Andrew’s Lifestyle Session… we ended up utilizing a cop station downtown because of the cool architecture we liked… safest shoot ever =)

Michelle and Andrew are a gorgeous couple.  I already knew they were comfortable in front of the camera since I had the great honour to capture their intimate civic ceremony a month ago.  So for their LS session… easy breezy fun is the word.   We started off in the Distillery District and worked our way around King Street East… one of our favorite areas in Toronto.  As always…let the pics do the talking.  Michelle and Andrew, we can’t wait for your Toronto Wedding, thank you both again!

Your Friend, Leon
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