Colleen and Bryan MARRIED!!!

Bryan and Colleen are not only client’s to me but really, really close friends, “family” is probably the best word if I had to choose one.  Don’t get me wrong, this gig wasn’t an “in the bag ordeal” as I remember I had a three hour interview with them last year before they signed with me...hehe. I actually really appreciated that process as it showed me how serious photography meant to them – I like that. Most importantly, I really want to thank you guys for allowing me to document your big day, to do what I love to do, and to help me grow my business.   Whenever I get the opportunity to be the wedding photographer for my close friends I am not only honoured but it is what makes my work that much more enjoyable.  This is not just a business for me, it is a passion of mine that I can share with my closest friends on their most special day.

Bryan and Colleen’s wedding was awesome and I enjoyed every minute, from the beginning to the end.   As every wedding is a collaboration of efforts that help to make everything picture perfect, I would like to first thank the following:

Make up artist / Hair Stylist – Leah Francisco-Flores / Alexis Jardin

Wedding Coordinator – Gigi Chang - toughest boss ever… but everything was spot on :)

Photographer – The very talented Eugene Choi

Photographer  -  The very talented Kevin Chan

Venue  - Paramount Conference and Event Venue

Cake – Kuppy Cakes – Crystal Yuen

Catering – Rovey Catering – Harvey Tam and Team

As a photojournalist I try the tell each moment through creative images, as their wedding was a very detailed story, forgive me in advance for all the pics.   It was pretty tough to nail down just a handful of teasers  :)

Congratulations again Colleen and Bryan! Much love to you both.

Leon Chai
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