My heart sings with joy.

There are so many emotions that run through me as I write and post this blog today. I feel so blessed, humbled, scared and so in love all at the same time.

Where do I begin? Gi and I got married 5 years ago as of this Saturday and like all my friends that are married, the question we often hear is “when will we see a little one?” I had this humorous response which I told everyone “ July 10th, 2010 @ 3:00pm .” As much as that was meant to be a joke, after a year of that response, we figured when July 10th 2010 came around – what the heck… lets do it =) So to give you guys some insight, our journey began 4 years ago in wanting to start our family. I won’t lie and say that it hasn’t been tough times for us these past 4 years. However, what I really want to focus on before I dedicate this entry to my beautiful Gi, is how thankful we are. From all the support, the love and generosity that came in so many ways, we’re humbled and blessed.

So for all my long time followers and people that know us well, Chicago has always been a spot that’s special to us. Ironically we didn’t initially plan this trip to be Chicago as Boston was the original plan but because of the Marathon, we thought it would be too crazy to head there. So just like life plans change, we ended up in Chicago, which was perfect. 6 years ago, when I proposed to Gi in Chicago, we took some pics here and 6 years later I’m excited to show these pics of my beautiful wife I shot.

Dear Gi, I dedicate this entry to you. I really owe it to you for keeping us strong and sane throughout this journey. What we walk out of all of this with is not only a beautiful baby but also the knowledge that we can get through anything together. You continue to keep my soul calm and make me better person each day. I love you and I thank God everyday that I have you in my life. As much as I can’t wait to meet our sweet pea, I can’t wait for her to meet her amazing mummy. Happy upcoming 5 years gorgeous.

Love, Leon // aka Dad 2B.
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