Baby P’s Baptism

So what’s new with us lately? We’re in the heart of mad editing…well to be speaking photographically correctly, mad photo processing is the proper word.  So we’re quickly wrapping up the last of 2013 shoots and I am look forward to seeing a whole bunch of people delivering their pics.  At the same time we had an early start with our first 2014 lifestyle shoot a week ago.

There are a bunch of things I like about this shoot.. some obvious and some not so obvious. First, I’m happy that G&T asked me to capture their second adorable son’s baptism again.  Secondly, from a photographer’s perspective, shooting at Saint Pantelelmon is always great aside from it being a gorgeous church.  Rev. Fr. Odisseys Drossos and his Clergy are great … always welcoming me to come in closer to get the shot – many thanks to them.

Baby P’s is uber cute and what I found interesting was that he was totally cool with the sacrament and only cried for a split second.  To G&T, thanks so much for the on going support and for having me capture your son’s special sacrament.  Here are just a few pics from the well planned day.


Your friend, Leon

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Awesome little celebration // Baby A Baptism

The coolest part about my job is reuniting with past couples – may it be through the next stage in their lives or at a wedding usually referred to by the couple.    In this case, I got a chance to capture Cristina and George again but this time… they were not the main attraction.  They were acting as the godparents of the guest of honour, Baby A.   We started at the gorgeous Church that for little Baby A to receive the sacred sacrament with his parents G&T.    After the ceremony, the celebration continued at the Grand Baccus Banquet Hall with their closest friends and family.  What a celebration it was!…live band, great food and tons of dancing.  I want to thank G & T for having me document this very special occasion for their son.  Congrats to my friends Cristina and George for being chosen as godparents… definitely a perfect role for them.   As always, here are just a few to visually story tell this day.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Celebrating Little N’s Baptism

I have gotten to know this family really well throughout this year and really like them a lot.  Before little N was born, Gi and I had a blast doing a maternity session with N&L.  Then when little N was born, we had the honour of capturing some of the first few weeks of his life with pictures. Last month was another special event, when little N received his first sacrament and of course I was stoked to be able to capture this event.   The baptism was at a beautiful church and the celebration was held at one of my favorite venues, Atlantis Pavillion.   To N&L, much love for having me as a part of this special occasion.  Here are a few pics from Little N’s special day...  see you guys around when Gi and I go running =)

Your Friend, Leon
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