Shelly & Kevin Married. Caledon Country Club Wedding

You know the morning of a wedding, it’s usually pretty hectic.  When I walked in to Shelly’s parent’s home things where pretty calm as they were performing one of the best traditions ever – eating.  I was like.. “Where is everyone?”… and when I walked in the kitchen it was Taiwanese food heaven!  I believe that Shelly’s mom cooked all the food and apparently the tradition is that the parents serve the food and pass on some words of advice. Bottom line is.. it’s the best tradition ever.

Speaking of traditions, it has been a while since we have seen some door games, so that was also a fun start to the morning when the guys got to the house.  KC and I set up Kevin (the groom) for their first look shortly after all the games.  We then had a tea ceremony and headed out to the west end of town for the tea ceremony on Kevin’s side.  After which, we headed straight to Caledon Country club and had great time taking pics of the wedding party before the ceremony and reception.  Side note, Caledon Country Club makes one delicious Ceasar for those who like that drink.

This was a fun wedding for me. I got to see a handful of good friends both in the wedding party and as guests of their wedding.  I want to thank my buddy Kevin C for shooting this wedding with me and I also want to thank my friend Leslie for the warm referral.  It was so good seeing you (although I wish you brought the family…hehe)

To my friends Shelly and Kevin, thanks so much again for having us and here are a few pics I wanted to share to tell the story of your day.


Thanks, Leon
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Engagement shoot at the cottage. Melissa & Dan

This was a great idea to have their engagement shoot at their family’s cottage.  I drove out to Gravenhurst to meet them.. and I had no idea what to expect.. I mean.. I figured we would have a dock and water. When the GPS told that “you have arrived” .. I was literally smack in the middle of what felt like forest.   Melissa figured out where I was and shortly after we headed to a dock and took a boat to their cottage.  What was nice was that I got to meet Dan’s mom.. who basically steered the boat the entire time we were shooting in the water – super sweet person.

Our goal was to work around their cottage, get Melissa and Dan on their boat and catch the sunset towards the end.  There were so many beautiful and unique spots to choose from, including the boat we used end.  The boat was something that had been in the family for awhile and carried sentimental value for Dan.  As for the couple,  working with Melissa and Dan… these guys are super entertaining to say the least.  For example, we had Dan at one point fall into the water (rescue mission) during the shoot…hehe but he’s mad cool.. and didn’t miss a beat as we continued shooting…I mean when he dried up of course.

I’m stoked that we get to capture your big day next year (our first wedding for 2017 season) and I want to sincerely thank you both for having us.  Here are some of your pics from our near end of summer shoot.  Thanks again!

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L&B Family + Cake Smash Session

Man photographing my friends L&B’s kids.. and just watching both of them interact was so entertaining.  Personally, I can’t wait till my little guy starts walking and I can imagine him playing with his big sis just like them.

This was such a fun combo shoot. We started off doing a family lifestyle shoot in Alexander Muir Park and headed back to their home after a sibling style cake smash – as it was N’s first birthday that week.   What I loved about this shoot was the easy going nature of the parents… which translated to the kids being kids… having fun and not worrying about getting messy or dirty.  I am happy that N&C got to have their cake and eat it too!

Thanks so much again to my friends L&B – great seeing you guys and playing catch up throughout our shoot.

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Aliya and Hafeez Married. 3 Eventful Days, The Manor Wedding

This was such a fun and beautiful wedding.  I got to capture two days of different events leading up to their wedding on the Sunday.  I decided to combine all three days into this one super duper post to share their story.  If I could sum it all up in one word that best describes their events… “fun” would definitely be in the top 3.  With great dance performances, an awesome wedding party, memorable speeches and great MC’s over all three nights were some of the many things that stood out.

I won’t go into much written details since I’ll let the pics tell the story. I want to thank my good friend Kevin C for shooting this wedding with me. I also want to thank Alisha and her fam…for being so nice.. always looking out for us (aka making sure we ate =)) Lastly but certainly not least, I want to sincerely want Thank Aliya and Hafeez  for having us capture your big day.  You guy were so cool and relaxed throughout it all which made everything so much more enjoyable.   Here are some pics to tell your story.


See you guys soon!


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Welcoming baby E! The first 24 hours newborn shoot

This is Gi and I am writing this blog in Vancouver during our annual trip out west.   However, this trip is extra special since we not only got to hang out with one of my bfs and her family but we also got to witness the birth of her baby girl.

We’ve been friends for 23 years and counting, so being part of these milestone moments is precious.   This is especially the case since they live so far away that timing would need to be just right.  Lucky for us, baby E arrived right in the middle of our two weeks here.  She is super adorbs and rounds out this million dollar family perfectly.

Our annual west coast trips are going to be so different going forward since we are now both families of 4 which means extra fun times for everyone.   I guess this is the circle of life, we grew up together and I am super excited to watch our kids grow up together.   For now, here are some pics of the shoot that we did during our visit. Thank you guys for housing our family of four during this crazy time.

As our baby girls likes to say, here are some pics of bean, bean mui mui, bean mommy, bean daddy, and bean popo.



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Sandra & Marty Married. Liberty Grand Wedding

Every year we have one date that is highly requested and this year, it was August 13, 2016 for us… I think we had over 12 requests for this date which is pretty nuts.  I’m honoured that Sandra and Marty booked us early last year and I got to capture this day for them.   I’ve known Marty and his family for a long time and I’m so happy that his partner in life is just as amazing as he is.

It felt like one of the hottest weekends in Toronto the day of their wedding.  They got married at the historical Metropolitan United Church - gorgeous… but had no AC which made things even hotter. After their ceremony, we did our best to jump out when it wasn’t raining too hard and capture some pics. We headed over the Liberty Grand right after and did some pictures in courtyard.  It was the perfect spot for pics with the wedding party as it had just enough overhang to keep everyone dry from the rain.  The evening portion of the wedding was perfect – great food, amazing MC and entertaining speeches.  On my end, so good seeing so many familiar family and friends.

I want to thank my friend Kevin C for shooting this wedding with me. I want to sincerely thank Sandra and Marty for having us capture your big day. Here are just a few pics we wanted to share with you as we edit the rest.

Uncle Leon =)
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