HK to the Toronto, Elaine & Ron’s Married. Grand Luxe Wedding

I think in total, I had 2 email communications regarding Elaine and Ron’s wedding throughout the year leading up to their wedding day.  In normal circumstances this lack of communication would be stressful for both parties but to be fair, I know Ron’s side of the family very well… and vice versa…as I was lucky enough to capture Sandy’s (Ron’s sister) wedding. Sandy and her family played a big part in the planning of this wedding, since both Ron and Elaine reside in HK and only flew in the week of their wedding.  On that note, I’ll echo what was said in all of the speeches that day – Sandy – you did such an amazing job.

I met Elaine for the first time on their wedding day and talk about a wonderful, kind, easygoing person – honestly a perfect match together.  Both their easygoing personalities made this day so easy and fun to capture us. Our day started off at the Sheraton on hwy 7 (which we totally digged the interior space for pics) and we moved over to Unionville Main street for formal pics with the wedding party.  I made the bridal part first do a detour to a spot near my house that I always wanted to use with Alexis and Gi.  Afterwards we headed back to the Grand Luxe for the ceremony and an awesome night.  Our friends at Ryan Buan Productions killed it on their same day edit video... Check out their video on this link:   so good.

I want to thank my second lead Kevin Chan for his craft and shooting this event with me.   To our friends at Ryan Buan Productions, always awesome working as a team together. To Sandy.. this blog  wouldn’t happen without your trust in us. Thank you always for your years of support and you did such an amazing job again.  To Elaine and Ron, congrats again and thank you both so much for having us capture your big day.  So good meeting and seeing you guys again!  Here are a few pics we selected to showcase your day.

Your Friend, Leon

Cinematographers – Ryan Buan Productions

Second lead photographer – Kevin Chan

Best juice drink in the world - Sannas Farmacia

Venue & Ceremony – Grand Luxe
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Jenn & Scott Married. The Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding

It’s been such long time since we shot at the Estates of Sunnybrook that it almost felt like a new location for us.   I really enjoy shooting this wedding since Jenn and Scott are such easy going good peoples.

The weather on the day of their wedding was perfect. For the start of the day, Kevin and I started at both locations where we later met at Estates of Sunnybrook for their first look. I arrived at Jenn’s parents place where I also met with Ryan Buan (cinematographer and friend) and we started off capturing the girls and Jenn’s family getting ready. Jenn and all her bridesmaids looked amazing… and the blue dresses rocked.  Their parents place backed off on a golf course and before we headed off to the venue, we took a few pics there.

Going through Kevin’s pics with the guys in the morning, it was awesome that the blue colour theme carried through to them as well with custom Jay’s hat and the awesome Colt’s pic Jenn got for him.  When we all got to the venue, we set up for the first look and headed around the estate to do some pics.  I won’t go through all the details of their day as I’ll let the pics do the talking.   As always but I do want to point out if I remember correctly… the flowers from the ceremony ground were all done by their family friend and speaking of ceremony…. the flower girl was adorable.

Before I get into the pics, I wanted to thank our mutual friend Jocelyn introducing us …(Hi Mason!) and to my friend Kevin for shooting this event with me. Happy 1 month to my friends Jenn and Scott. Thank you both so much for having us capture your big day and here are some pics we selected to bring back the good memories.  Enjoy!
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Rose & Michael Married. McMichael Art Gallery Wedding

We’re halfway through our wedding season… and it’s been a fantastic ride so far…capturing so many good peoples. Rose and Michael are no exception as we had a great time photographing their big day a little over a month ago.

I shot this wedding with Kevin C (thanks always brother) and we did our usual where we split up in the morning.  Looking over the pics it was cool to see guys rocking the marvel socks and that Alfa Romeo!  Over at Rose’s place it was busy.. but Rose was calm as always and looked gorgeous.  After the ceremony we headed over to Kleinburg to McMichael’s Art Gallery where I met the rest of the wild wedding party.  In the evening, the venue look awesome and it was such a warm welcome seeing my friends Melissa and Pietro + their fam as guests.    I won’t get into too much of the details, as I’ll let the pics tell the story. I want to sincerely thank my friend Rose and Michael for having us capture your big day. Thanks so much and here are some pics we chose to tell your story.


Your Friend, Leon Chai
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A&J Married. Toronto Wedding Boat Cruise, Kajama

When A told me that they were getting married on a boat… for some reason I thought this would be a small wedding (like 30 peoples).  But after hearing about the details, it was actually a good amount of guests (100+), which is crazy as I never knew Toronto had a boat that held this many people.

Before I get into the details of the wedding… I want say that I think A is truly a good person. Although I hadn’t known the bride for a long time as I only met her a month or two before her wedding… each interaction we had gave me the sense that she is very kind, sweet and caring person.  On the day of the wedding, Kevin and I started together at the Radisson Hotel where A was getting ready.  It was a different scene than my usual brides getting ready as A was the one helping everyone else get ready and was making sure her father-in-law was well taken care of.   The walk from the Radisson to the Boat was only minutes away…and when everyone was ready… they had a bag piper lead the way to the boat.  It was a pretty spectacular greeting as you can imagine having your family and friends cheer you on from a huge boat as you board.

The ceremony was really beautiful as we circled Toronto… getting the skyline as a backdrop.  As we looked around, every guest was loving the view as they witnessed A&J tie the knot.  The night was even prettier as the sunset when dinner took place and everyone got to party at the top of the ship after.

I really liked this cool venue.  I want to thank my friend Kristina for introducing me to her friend A… I really appreciate the support. I want to thank my second lead Kevin C.. for shooting this with me and doing a back to back wedding the next day.  I especially want to Thank A and J for having us document your special day. Here are a few pics I wanted to share as we edit the rest.


Your Friend, Leon
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Emily & Victor Married. Supreme Luxury Event Venue Wedding

There is an important part of wedding photography that goes beyond creative captures and camera gear. It’s to have the ability to feel the day and make pictures that carry out that emotion.  Even though, Emily and her family are family to me…that admittedly makes things a little easier to see feeling and connections …  it wasn’t hard for anyone who was at their wedding to feel the joy and emotions that ran throughout the day.

On the day of their wedding, I started off in the morning with Emily and Kevin was with  Victor and the guys.  Once the guys were done, they headed over to where Emily was to win her over with door games that the girls had planned for them (love door games in the morning!).   I should also say that both Emily and Victor looked so good as you’ll see in the pics.  The couple then allotted time for more traditional aspects – doing a tea ceremony in both the family homes.

We used the Doctor’s house and the surrounding area of Kleinberg for pics with their awesome wedding party and then headed over to the venue.   The ceremony was perfect and for the evening… Emily, Victor + the wedding party killed it with their entrance dance.  As a side note, one thing I liked a lot personally was having the ability to see my Alexis and Gi  (and my whole family for that matter)…. Talk about a win-win situation.

To my family Emily and Victor, thank you both so much for having us capture this perfect chapter in your lives.  Here are a handful of pics we selected from your day. Happy upcoming one month tomorrow.  Much love guys.




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Claudette + Gus Married. The Westin Prince Hotel Wedding Ceremony

This ceremony was perfect in my opinion. It was intimate, sweet and it was beautiful that their daughter is at the age where she will remember being a part of it.  This warms my heart personally as I can’t wait to see Gi and Alexis walk down the aisle in a few years when we do our vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary.

Gus is a childhood friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while. He looked great on the day along with his beautiful fiancé and adorable daughter.  After their ceremony, we shot a few family pics and worked our way around the Westin Prince Hotel.  The weather was hit and miss but that didn’t stop Claudette and Gus from heading out for pics.

I want to congratulate and thank both Claudette and Gus for having me shoot your important day. Here are a few pics as we edit the rest.
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