A&J Married. Toronto Wedding Boat Cruise, Kajama

When A told me that they were getting married on a boat… for some reason I thought this would be a small wedding (like 30 peoples).  But after hearing about the details, it was actually a good amount of guests (100+), which is crazy as I never knew Toronto had a boat that held this many people.

Before I get into the details of the wedding… I want say that I think A is truly a good person. Although I hadn’t known the bride for a long time as I only met her a month or two before her wedding… each interaction we had gave me the sense that she is very kind, sweet and caring person.  On the day of the wedding, Kevin and I started together at the Radisson Hotel where A was getting ready.  It was a different scene than my usual brides getting ready as A was the one helping everyone else get ready and was making sure her father-in-law was well taken care of.   The walk from the Radisson to the Boat was only minutes away…and when everyone was ready… they had a bag piper lead the way to the boat.  It was a pretty spectacular greeting as you can imagine having your family and friends cheer you on from a huge boat as you board.

The ceremony was really beautiful as we circled Toronto… getting the skyline as a backdrop.  As we looked around, every guest was loving the view as they witnessed A&J tie the knot.  The night was even prettier as the sunset when dinner took place and everyone got to party at the top of the ship after.

I really liked this cool venue.  I want to thank my friend Kristina for introducing me to her friend A… I really appreciate the support. I want to thank my second lead Kevin C.. for shooting this with me and doing a back to back wedding the next day.  I especially want to Thank A and J for having us document your special day. Here are a few pics I wanted to share as we edit the rest.


Your Friend, Leon
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Emily & Victor Married. Supreme Luxury Event Venue Wedding

There is an important part of wedding photography that goes beyond creative captures and camera gear. It’s to have the ability to feel the day and make pictures that carry out that emotion.  Even though, Emily and her family are family to me…that admittedly makes things a little easier to see feeling and connections …  it wasn’t hard for anyone who was at their wedding to feel the joy and emotions that ran throughout the day.

On the day of their wedding, I started off in the morning with Emily and Kevin was with  Victor and the guys.  Once the guys were done, they headed over to where Emily was to win her over with door games that the girls had planned for them (love door games in the morning!).   I should also say that both Emily and Victor looked so good as you’ll see in the pics.  The couple then allotted time for more traditional aspects – doing a tea ceremony in both the family homes.

We used the Doctor’s house and the surrounding area of Kleinberg for pics with their awesome wedding party and then headed over to the venue.   The ceremony was perfect and for the evening… Emily, Victor + the wedding party killed it with their entrance dance.  As a side note, one thing I liked a lot personally was having the ability to see my Alexis and Gi  (and my whole family for that matter)…. Talk about a win-win situation.

To my family Emily and Victor, thank you both so much for having us capture this perfect chapter in your lives.  Here are a handful of pics we selected from your day. Happy upcoming one month tomorrow.  Much love guys.




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Claudette + Gus Married. The Westin Prince Hotel Wedding Ceremony

This ceremony was perfect in my opinion. It was intimate, sweet and it was beautiful that their daughter is at the age where she will remember being a part of it.  This warms my heart personally as I can’t wait to see Gi and Alexis walk down the aisle in a few years when we do our vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary.

Gus is a childhood friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while. He looked great on the day along with his beautiful fiancé and adorable daughter.  After their ceremony, we shot a few family pics and worked our way around the Westin Prince Hotel.  The weather was hit and miss but that didn’t stop Claudette and Gus from heading out for pics.

I want to congratulate and thank both Claudette and Gus for having me shoot your important day. Here are a few pics as we edit the rest.
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Kelly & Richard Married. Bellvue Manor Wedding

The cool part about this wedding for me was that I got to join in some of the festivities that lead up to their big day. Aside from the lifestyle shoot, we did a month before their wedding… Rich was kind enough to invite me out for drink as we share mutual friends. Good times that night and thanks for everything again.

On the day of their wedding, I started off at Rich’s sister’s house where Kelly and her wedding party were getting ready. Things were both calm and hectic in the morning .. everyone was cool but so much was going on.  It was wicked to see Ryan Buan and his cinematography team first thing too… always love working with them. Kelly looked beautiful as always along with her flower girl whom I hadn’t seen in years.

Our friend/ teammate Chris Chan was over at the guys in the morning and after looking at all his pics, it seems like there was so much action over at the groom’s… from coordinating Marvel shirts with the guys to Motorcycle riding. Speaking of Marvel and comics, Kelly got Rich a signed copy of the Amazing Spider Man – wedding issue as a present – sweet!

After a beautiful church ceremony we headed back to Rich’s parents for lunch and did some family pics in there gorgeous back yard.  The rest of the day went was perfect.. I mean amazing weather (maybe a little too amazing…man it was  hot) for the formal pics and an amazing evening at Bellvue Manor.

Before we get into the pics, I sincerely want to thank my friend Jerry and Christina for the years of support… really appreciate it guys. I want to thank our friend Chris Chan for shooting this event with me.  I especially want to thank Kelly and Rich for having me capture your big day. I hope you guys had an amazing honeymoon.. and welcome back! Here are just a handful of pics from your day as we’re editing the rest.


Your Friend, Leon
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Evelyn and Andrew Married.

I think in all my email correspondences with Evelyn leading up to the wedding day .. I ended off every email with… “You are so on the ball with this wedding sister…” To give an example, she had a good as it gets draft itinerary done like a year before the wedding … where in most cases.. I’m asking for a schedule the week of or the night before.   So as expected.. their wedding went super smooth and everyone was super relaxed.

This was such a fun summer wedding.  In the morning Kev and I split up as usual and over on my end, things where pretty relaxed on Evelyn’s side.   The make up artist was pretty awesome since Joy was in the wedding party too.  As I thought this was her main profession… I heard her sing in the Church a bit later and was blown away… so talented.

After their beautiful church ceremony, the kind couple had the perfect thing for all their guests on a hot summer afternoon – an ice cream truck. So good.  We all headed over to Oakville where we spent some time shooting the wedding party playing ball, on a half pipe, playground and even at Starbucks. Fun times is truly the word.

To my new friends Evelyn and Andrew… congrats again and thank so much for having us capture your big day.  Here are a handful of pics we selected to bring back some good memories.

Your Friend, Leon
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Marisa & Fadi Married. Fontana Primavera Wedding

So this was my first wedding shoot since going on mat leave from my weekend job with Leon Chai Photography.  I missed our dynamic duo so was excited to start off the wedding season.  As luck would have it, I got to start off the season with a great couple.   As always, I started off with the boys at Fadi’s parents home which they had prepared and decorated for the day of the wedding.

Fadi’s mom was ready for visitors as she had pictures of the couple everywhere.  Maybe I am even more appreciative of the motherly touches now that I am one but it was super sweet.  I would say Fadi gets these sentimental touches from the women in his life as his gifts for the boys were all personalized and appropriate for each of them.

The credit for the cutest gift has to go to Marisa since she got him a one of a kind bait hook for the “fish” that she hooked for life.   So appropriate for this loving couple as the ceremony was filled with bashful yet loving glances between the two.

With this fun group of boys and girls we headed off to Alexmuir Park for some group shots.   We obviously had tons of fun with the boys showing their strength and Fadi’s willingness to literally jump off a cliff for Marisa.  For my first wedding of the season I couldn’t have asked for a more fun group that reminded me why I love shooting weddings with my husband.

Having a daughter has definitely changed how much time I can spend at the weddings, but I will continue to try my darndest to make it out to as many as I can.   It is tough since I am back at my day job Monday-Friday where I don’t get to spend much time with our baby, but when you get loving couples like this, it is all worth it.

Thank you Marisa and Fadi for reminding me how great shooting weddings can be.  Thank you to my baby A for loving me no matter how often I leave you for my day job or my weekend job.  Remember no matter where I am I always consider you my full time love and I continue to be honoured to have the best job in the world of being your mom.


I totally remembered the first time I met Marisa and Fadi. I was half way around the world in Singapore and we set a time for a skype meeting. We’ve done many skype meetings before but I didn’t factor in the intense Singapore heat, time difference (2am) and me not trying to wake our baby up in the middle of the night. Thank the lord they accepted this whispering, sweaty photographer for their awesome day.

The day of their wedding was actually the first time I had the chance to really get to know Marisa and Fadi.  End result – confirmation that they are just truly good peoples. Gi joined me for the first half of the day where we split up to the places where Fadi and Marisa were each getting ready. I got a chance to check out Gi’s pics of the guys in the morning and I love the symbolic fishing hook from Marisa – super sweet.   With the girls, I loved seeing everyone’s awesome Henna designs – a true mix of the traditions. The reception was definitely an awesome party and it continued to the tradition of integrating two cultures that love to dance…my trini peeps and Middle easterners.

I’m not going to go into the full details of their day since the pics will tell their beautiful story. I want to thank my wife Gi and friend Chris Chan for helping me capture their story. I want to sincerely thank my new friends Marisa and Fadi for having us capture their amazing day – thank you both so much. Here are carefully chosen handful of pics to tell your story. Enjoy!

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