My Family Lifestyle Session + Happy Thanksgiving + Happy Birthday Dad!!

You know that saying… that goes “The son of the shoemakers has no shoes?” … well.. that’s the case for my family and the goal this year for me was to round up the  family  and to do my version of a lifestyle session – ie. get one of those “mantle” family portraits.   Although it sounds like an easy task (which it is for 99% of all my clients) it’s not so easy with my family.   Not for any one reason, I guess it is mainly that my parents are older so traveling to a location is not easy for them…especially my Dad and my idea of a portrait… AKA a more dynamic approach to posing goes against their mentality of a traditional picture.  Also I have minimal time since my nieces and nephew are young and studying for school.

So what better time to do this?  Well Thanksgiving long weekend of course.

What am I thankful for most in life?… everyone you see in the pics below.

The glue that holds the family together AKA.. Mom

And here is the  result... not my most creative job.. but it does the job =)
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So I made my wife cry on her birthday… Yes, I screwed up.

When I first started blogging, I promised myself to keep it real… cause we all know when something is fake.  So that being said, I totally goofed up on my wife’s birthday last Monday and made her cry… oh man… no warm and fuzzy blog entry here.  Let me explain… so the week prior to her birthday, I was stressing. What should I do, should I plan a party?  What should I buy her? Well… on the Sunday we headed to the EX with some friends… (as some of you might have seen some pics on my Facebook)  fun indeed, but as you couples out there know, it is not quality alone time.   So on the day of her actual birthday she decided to take the day off and just hang out… and I decided to do everything but that… I scheduled meetings all morning and booked a shoot in the evening…

But I did have a plan.    I was going to come back home at 8pm after the shoot.... take her to our favorite sushi joint in all of Toronto and top it off with her favourite cake… Since I was gone all day, she spent the day cleaning the house – G not happy,  after prepping her for sushi – I had to tell her that the sushi joint was actually closed for the day – G not happy, and then I didn’t end up getting home till 9 pm – G not happy.  So let’s say my wife was not a happy camper when I got home.  I thought I had made a bit of it up by getting her a cake from her favourite place…and she came downstairs from all the disappointment and was excited that at least I got her a cake right?....ummm..well..the problem was I actually got the wrong one (banana chocolate with nuts is the same as fruit flan…ummm..kinda?)….err..let’s say I think that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back because that is when the tears of disappointments came in.  If anyone knows Gi… getting her to cry is very rare – I did bad…

So.. here I am out in the WWW.. saying to my G.. “I’m Sorry.. I goofed”.  BUT to redeem myself, as I’m also a new husband that learns from his mistakes… the following day was definitely my make up day!
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If you love your Dog…

I’m super grateful that I have the support of many friends, the word of mouth referrals and awesome clients allow me to be able to be in the position that I’m in today.   With all my wedding work, I always work with a second photographer, and this year I’m finally working with awesome friends that fit my most important criteria - Trust, Fun and Passion.

Eugene Choi is a talented photographer and a good friend of mine, we have worked together on few shoots this year.  He started out his business shooting people and then he started to really focus on Dog photography.   His work is awesome!!!  Before I let the pictures do the talking, I just want to say thank you to my buddy for helping me out with my shoots, and if you love your dog and have ever thought about having some portraits done here is Eugene’s contact info:


p: 416.818.7781

Here is a small sample of his work, feel free to visit his website:
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No Wedding Shoot on Sat = Date Night with the Wife (Night Market)

I go through this unwritten ritual the night before every wedding shoot… that basically I don’t leave my house and I spend hours packing my gear, packing my back up gear and packing up my back up’s back up gear.   I also made this weird un written rule that I don’t want to leave the house and stay “safe” at home so I can be there for my client in the morning.  Given this, this always kinda sucks for Gi, since Friday nights we would be at home chilling.

Since I booked a wedding shoot this Sunday, Friday night could be date night!  We started off the evening shopping at Yorkdale  (as you see in the pics below, when leaving Yorkdale the skies had some amazing colours…), grabbed a quick bite at a local sushi joint, and it was off to the night market to join some friends.

It’s a weird feeling not having to shoot early Saturday morning... but it’s also a great feeling hanging out with the wife and seeing some close friends.
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Happy Anniversary

I probably have over 2 dedicated hard drives with pictures of just you and some of us but this picture is probably my all time favorite, even though I look hideous and you’ll probably kill me for posting this online too.   If you remember, you bolted upstairs and jumped on my back (nearly breaking my back..hehe) while I was cleaning my lens and miraculously I hit the shutter.  I love this pic cause this is US… always playful, always laughing.  Gi, thank you for believing in me and believing in us.  Happy one year anniversary and I look forward to many, many  more years of laughter and backbreaking good times to come.  Love you lots pumpkin.
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