Happy Birthday Gi!!! Weekend of Painting and BBQing

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Our weekend was action packed with fun shoots on Friday and Sunday but not Saturday since I marked down that day for Gi’s B-day bash!!!    The festivities started out at Paint lounge in uptown Markham near Warden and Hwy 7.  For those of you who have not been there before, this place is awesome.  Basically… it’s a café / lounge with areas set up for painting on canvases.  They provide everything you need to paint… and you just let your creative juices run wild.  (Check out their website at http://www.paintlounge.ca)

I chose to paint a pic of Gi when she was a baby….as you will see below… Gi is still currently hating  my rendition  of her pic...LOL!!!  The night portion was at our home… BBQing all night long and hanging out.   I just want to thank everyone that came out to celebrate Gi’s B –day as I know hanging with her friend means the world to her.  I also want to send a special Thank You to Crystal for the AWESOME cupcakes she made (forgive me for dropping my request last minute sister) J+H for the ever so necessary fruit flan cake they bought and Samantha from Paint Lounge for hosting our days event – super awesome place!

As always, here are some pics (taken with my super fun Fuji X100..hehe) to tell the story…

Your Friend,  Leon

Gi was not impressed... hehe
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My Wife Rocks!!!

I’m going to rewind a bit before I get into the main point of this post… which is “thanking my awesome wife Gi.”

I made a pact to myself a while ago with photography as my full time career; I would never stop taking pictures for myself, first and foremost.  Photography for me was something found and was driven by passion and love.  So, no matter how busy my day was, I always looked forward in shooting for fun. What I found as time went on was the difficulty in grabbing my commercial gear to capture things that interests me, since it was either packed away after a job or since my tools are my bread and butter for a living… it just got a little weird walking around with a $5000 camera for fun.

So… why is Gi super awesome amazing?   She rocks NOT because she totally surprised me with one of the most highly anticipated camera that’s sold out everywhere right now…. or the fact that she kidnapped me this past weekend and drove to Montreal for a 48 hours mini trip...She rocks because this gift of this little camera put back the spirit of what I love to do… capturing stills for the fun and for the sheer love of shooting for myself.

Gi, Thank you so much for this awesome B-day gift!  I don’t know how the heck you found this puppy… but I love it =) I look forward to lifetime ahead of us capturing of things we see with this little tool – Love you lots pie.

As much I’m itching to technically write about my experience with this Fuji X100 this past weekend… lets just say…like my wife….all the good things you heard and how awesome it is… its all true =)

Here are a few pics (edit: all taken with the Fuji X100) I want to share from our 48-hour get away to Montreal.


Love the retro design of this camera..

Prob the best way to travel in Montreal. Bixi Bikes Rocks.
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Surprise…a rare but simple summer date

It’s the summer and what that means for photographers is that it is the busiest time of the year.  So typically every weekend is booked for Leon and I; however, this weekend was a little different.   We had a wedding booked for Saturday but due to a turn in events for the couple, the wedding was cancelled.  What that also meant was an unplanned free day for Leon and me.   So we got to do something that we haven’t done in a while..have a DATE….These are far and few in between as we typically are working on the weekends so I was ecstatic when he told me he booked us in for high tea at the Windsor Arms.

I have never been to high tea so I was excited for this new experience and of course the venue did not disappoint.   Purple rooms, rustic décor, decadent food, and yummy tea was on the menu.  We sat, ate, and talked and then got a chance to walk along Bloor.  I know this may seem simple, but since we rarely get to go downtown to spend time with just each other. This was simply perfect for us. We even saw the new bixi bikes they have downtown, so we ended up renting two for the day.  If you are downtown you need to give it a try because for $5 a person you can pretty much go everywhere in the city core.   We didn’t buy much, we didn’t do any huge events, but it was one of our best dates.  A hot summer day just walking along being a couple – kind of like the pictures we take of all our loving couples..but it wasn’t for them this time.  This time, we got a chance to enjoy it for ourselves.  Glad to say that after 2 years of marriage, date nights are just as important as ever.

Here our some shots of our simple, but nice summer date.

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Two years ago today… I got married =)

Since we’ve been showing you guys all the wedding we do, today would be the most appropriate day to show you our wedding day… since its our two year anniversary =)  I’m super thankful for everyone that celebrated our day with us… since the memories will last a lifetime.   Special thanks goes to Tim and Angela Chin for capturing our day.

To my Wife:

The women who always believes in me, who pushes me to constantly strive harder in life, who loves me for me from all my corny jokes and all the stupid things I do – I thank God every day that I have you. No matter where life takes us, we’ll always have each other and we’ll ALWAYS have fun… I promise you that.  Happy 2 years Gi… Lets do this all over again on our tenth anniversary… maybe on a beach in Hawaii this time... loveyoupumpkin

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Carry on tradition.

I’m lucky.  I grew up in a household where my Mom’s cooking… ROCKS!!   I guess a part of it is because my Dad is a picky dude… since he only love home cooked meals… to be more specific... his wife’s cooking.  So restaurant outings were pretty rare for us, unless its was some crazy event… but even still, Chef Mama Chai would always rather cook at home, no matter how much work went into the dishes.

My family lived in Trinidad for decades, so growing up I got the best of both worlds in terms of foods.   My mom can make a mean ackee and salt fish with yams or any traditional Chinese dish (no General Toa chicken here… Who is this General Tao dude anyways? =) )  But if I had to narrow down  one favorite thing I love the most would be her  BBQ meat bun and can humbly say that anyone who has ever tried can agree its delicious.  So after months of busting my mom’s chops to teach us… she finally agreed this past weekend.   I think she was more reluctant to show us cause it involves A LOT of time and was more worried about our schedule.

For everyone reading this, don’t ever take for granted how awesome homemade food is… may it be Gnocchi or Pho or Melomakarona…. I think it’s so important to learn and to carry on tradition.  As always… I rather tell story through pictures.



Quality Control - aka Papa

The Instructor - aka Chef Mom
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Happy Holiday’s

Gi and I spent the past year meeting great people, capturing amazing life events, and sharing precious moments with our clients.  So we thought it would be appropriate to share some pics from our favorite time of the year – Christmas with our family.   In a small nut shell, we hosted the holiday gathering at our place this year, celebrating with the people we love… our family.   Just like any other post, I’ll let the pics do the talking.

We want to wish everyone a Happy and safe holiday season.  All the best to you and your family for the upcoming year =)

Leon & Gi

Home made cupcakes from  my super uber duber talented niece.. delicious  =)

Gi decided to test out her flat iron... somehow I got involved...

Hand made hat again from my super talented niece =)
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