Yummm… Food Trucks + Classic VW Bugs // Vancouver

I figure it’s Friday and everyone is itching to get out of the office to start their long weekend…. Ironically enough, we’re gearing up to start our work weekend.  I wanted do a personal entry, since I have not done a personal blog in forever plus we got TONS awesome wedding and lifestyle entries that I’m stoked to post up coming soon.

So Gi and I bolted off to Vancouver last weekend,  Van city is always good times and aside from the friends we love there … it’s a city that fits Gi and I.   From the our love for cycling, boutique coffee shops, the slower pace lifestyle to Gi’s love for making me climb a bloody mountain… on that note, I dropped my left lung climbing the Grouse… if anyone reading this finds it.. please email me .. merci…

So Gi and I have this thing… we’re hooked on Food Trucks. Everywhere we travel for shoots or for personal… we’re always on the hunt for food trucks.   So when we  saw a food truck event happening… we totally had to hit it up.    It was HOT when we got to the event!!! Like why did I wear a black shirt that day hot… Of course that meant the first thing we had to hit was finding a drink.   Here’s the difference between Gi and I… if I’m thirsty… I find the drink line and order a drink.  If Gi’s thirsty.. she hops on her phone… researches the best drink  the event has to offer… reads a gazillion reviews on yelp and  then makes me line up to get it…  god bless her I say =)

So…a run down of what we got includes…

1)   Hibiscus Lemonade from World of Drinks

2)   Aussie Pie  from Aussie Pie Guy (the pie was deeeeelicous )

3)   Sweet Potato Fries with Gravy and Pulled Pork from Feastro

4)   And a Blue Berry Mojito popsicle from Gourmet Popsicle

And then when we left the event… we hopped in our car where I saw this small sign on the road and that said “VW show” … Oh dude…  ended up being one of the largest old school new school  vdub shows… For those of you that don’t know.. I loooove classic VW’s… been driving VW’s for 18 years =)  Anyways…Have a awesome long weekend everyone and check back here as I have a ton of great wedding, newborns, lifestyle pics coming up.

Your Friend, Leon
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2012 The year of meaning.

I wrote this last year on one of my blog entries and 2012 was a year that truly expressed this feeling:

“Being a photographer is something I absolutely love, it has become a part of me.  But being able to capture the events from of marriages to newborn birth is something that brings meaning to my life and allows me to leave a small imprint on peoples lives.”

When I look back at 2012, I can’t be more thankful. I’m thankful for every opportunity that came my way – from the ones that became our clients and even to the people that didn’t choose us, just having the opportunity means the world to me.  As corny as these sounds, I’m thankful for a “job” that surrounds me with love.  The love of newly engaged couples, love of marriage and to the love of family.

With 2013, I’m so excited for this year to continue to visually story tell the events of our awesome clients and can’t wait to share this with you all.  Wishing you guys a healthy new year filled with laughter, love and many eventful moments to remember.

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Making memories. B-day Weekend for G // The Glaze Craze

Contrary to popular belief, my camera loving wife hates when I post pics of her … so I figure I do a personal blog and post some pics of her ..heheh

So we have been crazy busy at the studio but this weekend was one of those blacked out weekends as it’s the G’ster B-day (trust me people… I learned over the years not to take jobs on this day… I made this mistake twice already .. and I still hear it from the wife..)

So I came up with this theme that I wanted to continue this year of “making memories”.  Last year we had a celebration at Paint Lounge and it was awesome times.  It was great seeing our friends bust out their artistic side with a blank canvas and paint.  This year, I decided to do “Glaze Craze” (www.theglazecraze.com) and again… got a chance to watch them artistically paint some clay pieces.  Since the final product takes a week to be set in the kiln, I can’t wait to see the final product.

As I wrote in my emails to our friends… you know when we are getting older when we’re painting pots for our b-day and not smoking it =)

I want to thank everyone that came out to this event as I know this means the world to Gi and me to hang with our friends.  Just a few pics to visually story tell our weekend.  Hope everyone else had an awesome long weekend.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Man I’m awkward in front of the camera =) Gi and Leon

If we’re lucky enough to have you as a client for either a wedding shoot, lifestyle or family session, I’m sure at one point when the shoot comes, you’ll be like… “man.. I’m not great in front of the camera” and that’s cool cause that’s our job to make you guys feel super comfortable in front of the camera and to get some awesome pics.

OK.. so today, the tables have turned.  I scheduled in a shoot with Gi after a lifestyle shoot with our clients to take some pics of us.. since we’re starting the process to redo our website and all that fun stuff.  So if you know us, we love doing the tripod thing (if you guys are a long time follower, I even did my own shoot when I proposed to Gi in Chicago and also did a post wedding shoot this way too..) anyways for this purpose… the one goal was to get a few pics of us..one of Gi and one of me.   Gi… she’s like brown on rice when it comes to taking pictures (did that analogy even make sense Leon?) she is like super awesome in front of the camera.. trust me people.. she didn’t marry me for my money =)  Then there is me… man oh man…  I’m soooo awkward.  Like seriously… there is a reason why I’m always behind the camera.  So next time anyone writes to us and says… “we excited about our upcoming shoot… but we’re not great in front of the camera..” I’m going to send this link…LOL

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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And it’s the New Year!

How do I sum up in words a year of meeting, reconnecting with great people, and capturing precious life stages?  For me it’s easy, the word “thankful” says it all. I have so much to be thankful for in life and I owe it all to the people who have supported me and allowed me to continue to fulfill my passions on a daily basis.
2011 was an AMAZING and successful year for us! I’m so humbled and blessed to have met and captured so many important moments in the lives of our clients.     Clients that we are now honoured to call our friends.  2012 brings a whole new year of exhilarating events for us as we start off with our much needed travel break and get right back into the wedding season.  We are excited for our wedding adventures this year in the various locales from Hawaii, Vancouver, and of course Toronto. I can’t wait to share our experiences and visually storytell each event.
From half way around the world, we want to wish you all the best for 2012!
Sincerely, Leon Chai
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How were your Holidays?

I can’t believe it’s December 28th….c-r-a-z-y… I hope everyone had an amazing holiday.    We got a little bit of down time before our season kicks in again in January, so we figured we would squeeze in some personal entries.   Since, of course, we have spent the year documenting everyone else =)

Christmas day for us was all about family and we loved every minute of it.  The morning we hosted my side of the family and at night we got to spend time with Gi’s side of the family – whom are pretty much as close as family to me as well.  I have known her whole family loooong before I met Gi.  Ironically enough, Gi’s cousin Keith is someone I worked with 10 years ago…and he played a huge role as both a business and a creative mentor for me…. and now we’re family which is pretty cool.  So needless to say… we spent a lot of time chit chatting about photography and playing with his kids.  So the pimp part of the night was getting a chance to head off to the fire station as we thought little J would love it… which he did… but in the pics… you’ll see a taller girl having more fun in my opinion.

Like the saying goes … shoe maker kids has no shoes…   Keith here are a few pics that includes you and the family… weird being on the other side of the camera no?  hehe…

Your friend, Leon Chai
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