From Bump to Baby.

So I’ll give you a little dialogue in the life of the Leon and the Gi’ster  the husband and wife team here… typical day of my non corporate life in our studio:

Gi’ster – Have you posted any of C+B + baby C pics?

Leon -  Pics are done babes … just designing a album for them

Gi’ster -  that wasn’t the question… have you posted them?  You know.. Baby C going to be walking soon if you don’t post the pics…

Leon – Well.. I’m not sure if they want me to post pics of their son…

Gi’ster – have you asked?

Leon – Oh yeah.. I could do that…

So if your reading this post, that means C+B gave me the go ahead, which I’m so happy for as we’re always proud to showcase our work.   Especially when our clients are one of our closest friends. So how happy are we for C&B?  We couldn’t be happier and their son couldn’t be cuter.  As a documenter of life… I’m honoured to show these captures of our friends from bump to baby.

Love Uncle Leon and Aunt Gi.
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K+A + Newborn Baby A // Newborn Session

The one thing I love about the Christmas season is getting to see friends at gatherings and getting to spend some quality time catching up on things.  Our schedule is pretty much totally off from the rest of our friends.. where Gi and I are working weekends which makes it hard to visit people as often as we want too.

The pretty cool part was seeing K&A a few weeks before at a holiday gathering pre baby..and only a few later I get to be one of the first to see them with their beautiful little boy. When I got to their place... if i where to judge a book by its cover.. the new parents looked great (although  I'm sure they were both super tired) and baby was super cute and cooperative in the shoot.   To my friends K&A, I can't thank you enough for giving me this opportunity to capture this precious lifestage of your son's life.  Gi and I can't be more happier for you both.  Here are just a handful of pics from our shoot.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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S+M & Baby A // Newborn Session

I was answering an email the other day where I was asked the question on my thoughts on props for the wedding day?  I instantly thought of S&M’s wedding we captured and all their creative and awesome props they incorporated.

When I heard that S+M were expecting, I was overjoyed for them. Prior to the shoot, I was talking to M and told them to incorporate anything they wanted in terms of props...and fully prepared they were =)

Like any friends I don't get to see often enough, it was great seeing S+M on the day of the shoot and meeting their precious little girl.  We meet at their parent's home, where I was welcomed again with familiar faces and had some fun with this shoot.  Since I personally miss the holiday season...processing these pics brought back that feeling.  To my friends, S+M, thank you both for always keeping me in mind and Gi and I are thrilled that you both are parents to your beautiful daughter.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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J+B+ Newborn Baby K // Newborn Photography

Ahhh…Feels so good to be back blogging after the holidays.  The end of the year leading up the Christmas and new years was pretty crazy busy for us.  From processing images, shopping, nagging but sweet tall Asian women telling me to clean the house 24/7 to shoots scheduled before Christmas and then right up until New Years day. … that being said if you guys miss the holiday spirit already… pop  back here.. I’ll be posting a few awesome shoots that have that holiday theme.

To start off 2013, here is super cute newborn shoot that was taken right before the holidays.  This shoot was special since we had the honour of capturing J&B’s wedding and now seeing them as parents, it’s totally a joyous time.  The funny part is… I remembered the last time I saw J&B was presenting their wedding pics over lunch at the Hot House and the last words I think J said to me was, “probably the next time I’ll see you is when we have a baby for a baby session” =)

First and foremost, it was great just seeing J&B and their new addition.  During the shoot Baby K was totally great and honestly for new parents, you guys are like pros.  J&B, congrats again and it is always great hanging out and seeing you guys.  Here are just a few pics from our day.

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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And then there were three…. // Newborn Photography

I haven’t blogged in a while as work has been crazy, but I wanted to get a chance to write this blog for my good friends B&F.   When I first found out that they were expecting another child I called B&F and shared in their giddiness.   The surprising part was soon to come out that not only were they having a second child but they would be having a third....since it was twins!!!  Twins – that means they learn faster, they are double the fun, you can dress them up together, and so many other great twin things.  But it also means double the diapers, more feedings, and all the extras that twins need.   I must say that I respect all parents, but I must give extra kudos to parents of multiples.  And for those women out there, I am also amazed at F as she is now dealing with 3 boys in the family – not including B.   Testosterone land.

Alright so let’s get into the shoot.   We went over to B&F’s place to take the shoot as they were not going to be lugging their 3 boys out the door.   What impressed me about B&F was how put together they were, 3 boys and the house was calm.   Little O was watching tv and M&N were napping in their cribs.  Once we started the shoot though, well things changed a bit.   It is interesting with twins, you think because they are twins they should act alike, but the reality is that they are each individuals who have their own traits.   I think you will see that in the pics below.   As for  Big brother O, he is so different from our last shoot with him HERE, he has his own opinion and does what he wants but he is definitely super sweet to his new brothers.

Aunty G and Uncle L can’t wait to spoil you guys!

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Welcome Baby S // Newborn Photography

The amazing thing is… two months from now… we would be celebrating Gina and Sam’s first wedding anniversary. Gi and I had the blast of capturing this special event in the Dominican last year.  So fast forward 9 months and a bit and Gina and Sam has added another beautiful daughter to their family.  Guys… I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I am truly happy for you both.

What I love about Gina… she’s always prepared, super creative, and a perfectionist.  She brought all these aspects to this awesome shoot.  Literally the whole family jump in to prep baby S for this shoot…totally a family affair (don’t worry Sam… I took some in the making pics for you… of your mom in law standing on a chair holding the hammock and Gina down below ready to catch.. awesome stuff)

Anyways, I’ll let the cute pics do the talking.  Much love guys!

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