Kirsten & Jeff. Distillery District Engagement Shoot

When I got back from this shoot last week… I showed Gi the pics and the first thing she said… “Dreamy looking couple”.  I couldn’t agree more.   So we actually scheduled this shoot 3 weeks ago… but on that day it was raining (like that nasty blowing wind rain) and rescheduled to last weekend… which was a much better day but cold.

Kirsten and Jeff are such wonderful peoples and I mean that sincerely. Both really easy going and being captain obvious for a second… they are such a good looking couple. The shoot was fun… felt like we had the whole distillery district to ourselves.. . as it wasn’t busy and it was pretty cold that day.   Kirsten and Jeff bared the cold weather pretty well with no complaints. We took a walk towards the Esplanade (Again.. skinny Kirsten in heels .. with freezing cold weather.. such a trooper) and ended off with a few shots there.

I sincerely want to thank Kirsten & Jeff for this shoot. I’m a little bummed out that we’re booked on your wedding date but I’m so honoured to be able to do this for you both. I’m excited to see pics from your upcoming wedding and I know you guys will have an amazing time.  Wishing you guys all the best. See you both soon!


Your Friend, Leon
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Winnie & Carson. Fall Engagement Shoot

The good part about living north of the city is experiencing the Fall season… mama nature looks so pretty.  So when we scheduled this lifestyle engagement shoot,  we had the best of both worlds as we started uptown and worked our way into the city.

Since I live uptown, I have tons of little spots that I love using… (and it’s mainly for taking pics of Gi and Alexis).  So I texted Winnie and Carson where to meet… to start off our shoot. When I first saw them as they walked out of their car… my heart literally dropped.  He was in a suit and she was in a wedding dress.  The first thing I thought was…did I somehow make a mistake on what was suppose to be a wedding as an e-shoot? Reality was they wanted a few pics (pre-wedding pics) of them to use for the wedding day as print material… I had no clue but so glad it wasn’t what I thought.

Winnie and Carson are really easy going peoples which made this an easy fun shoot.  After we wrapped up in Markham we headed downtown to get a little city vibe for their pics.

I sincerely want to thank my friends Laurence and Minh for this warm referral.  To Winnie and Carson, Thank you both so much and can’t wait for the big day next year!


Your friend, Leon
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Kim & Darryl, Toronto Harbourfront Engagement

I’m loving how Harbourfront and Queens Quay is shaping up to be now. Ample bike lanes, cool art installations and now home to one of my favorite restaurants, Miku – who goes twice in 4 days.. we  So when Kim and Darryl mentioned that they wanted water and boats as a backdrop… naturally I suggested here.

I met Kim and Darryl at the beginning of the year… and recently heard back from them about their upcoming wedding this month.  So we quickly planned a date to meet at the Harbourfront.  We walked around the area and basically whenever something interesting caught my eye… I placed Kim and Darryl in the scene.  Kim and Darryl were pretty easy to direct and after a little warming up… the shots came naturally.

I want thank my friend Chi Hae for recommending us to her friends… you are the best sister.  I want to thank both Kim and Darryl for having us capture your upcoming big day in a few weeks . Here are a few pics from our shoot.

Your Friend, Leon Chai

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Julia + Curtis. King Street Engagement Shoot

You know… I just want to sum up this shoot and describe them as .. “happiest couple ever”.. as that’s the vibe I got from their lifestyle e-shoot.  Julia and Curtis were really fun to shoot.. as they are quite entertaining and comfortable with each other.  For this shoot, we all met downtown close to their condo and worked in some pics from their neighborhood.  This totally worked for me as I love King east.  Before we moved locations, we grabbed some espresso (win) and tea at a nearby coffee house where we first met and headed over to their condo where we got some captures of their purdy cat too.

I’m pretty stoked about their upcoming wedding as I really love capturing smaller more intimate venues… and more so the fact that Julia and Curtis are such good peoples. I sincerely want to thank Julia and Curtis for this opportunity and also my friend Marlon for giving me a warm intro to his bro. I look forward to seeing you at the wedding. Here are just a few pics from their shoot.

Your Friend, Leon
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Viola + Tim, RC Harris Water Treatment Engagement Shoot

We couldn’t ask for a better day. Blue skies, Simpson clouds and not too hot.  I asked Viola and Tim to meet me at one of my fave spots / areas in Toronto… the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant by the beaches.  I love this spot… and love the surrounding area too for pics.

When Viola and Tim showed up… they looked so good. I love and appreciate the fact that they rocked matching shoes.  During the shoot I got the biggest sense of how much fun these two have together… especially since the best shot from this session was just catching being together.  After we left the beaches we headed over to Queen street for a coffee break, outfit change and even got a chance to grab a healthy green drink from Farmacia Juice Bar.  A big thank you to them for letting me take some pics inside their beautiful store.

To my friends Viola and Tim, can’t wait for your upcoming wedding in the Distillery. Here are a few pics from our session. Enjoy!

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Mihaela & Armin. High Park Engagement Shoot

One of the coolest things about doing this shoot in High Park on this day was watching all the Pan am cyclist do practice laps in the park.  It was kinda taunting too at time same time as cycling is my number 3 thing I want to do all the time.

I remembered meeting Mihaela originally a few years back when Gi and I shot our close friend’s Will and Nev’s wedding.  So it was so nice to see her again especially being that it was for her wedding.

On the day of the shoot, I met Mihaela & Armin in the middle of High Park where we began our shoot.  The park felt completely empty which is the total opposite of what I remembered during Cherry Blossom season.  Mihaela, Armin and I walked around and used various spots.  They were a little nervous in the beginning but once they got comfortable with each other…it translated into fun pics.

I want to thank you both for having us capture your upcoming big day.

Here are a few pics from their lifestyle session.


Your Friend, Leon

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