1st birthday / Smash Cake

There’s nothing that makes me happier then capturing these events for friends. M&R are close friends of Gi and I and we absolutely love their cute daughter. She’s like my dumpling house buddy, where for whatever reason, we always end up eating there together all the time (ironically enough, it’s the same place we met last week when I gave them their pics..hehe)

I’ve been to other events from this family, so I pretty much know what to expect. The mom is pretty on the ball and when it comes to details, décor and dessert as you’ll see in the pics. The party was held at The Peanut Club where all of the birthday girl’s friends had a blast. After the event, we headed back to the grandparent’s home to do a cute smash cake which worked out perfectly.

To our friends R&M, much love guys and thanks for having me capture A’s first b-day event. See you guys at the next dumpling house / dim sum event.

You Friend, Leon
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Celebrating One Year

It’s been a busy few months for us with a lot of great captures that I’m finally getting a chance to play catch up on posting. I’m excited to post a handful of awesome first year celebrations along with newborns and of course hitting full swing into our wedding season. So before I head out this morning (actually just got back from an early ride.. can’t feel my fingers still) as we have a busy a day ahead of us, I wanted to post this cute first birthday celebration of this handsome little fella.

Little man C parent’s went all out for his son’s first birthday. This private party was held at a sweet and perfect place where all of C’s family and friends were able to celebrate with him. One of the spotlights of C’s party was the killer dessert table made by C’s aunt Maureen, all themed with Sesame Street characters. Maureen you got some mad delicious talent! As you will see in the pics was that there was so much love for this little guy from all of his friends and family.

To my friends Dave and Elna, love seeing you both and thanks always for having me capture these special events for your family. Gi and I are stoked about Carter’s upcoming brother and can’t wait to meet the little guy when the time comes =) Here are some pics from the party as the rest are on your way.

Your Friend, Leon
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The Beautiful Growing Family

I’m playing catch up on our blog before we have a busy weekend ahead of us. To start the first of three posts is this cute family session with our good friends. When I got the news that L&L were expecting again, Gi and I couldn’t be happier for them. And of course, as always we found out as mom to be was on the ultimate field – what other way was there to learn the news but at Frisbee.
On the day of the shoot we sat back while we watched this family work like clockwork… parent’s handling both their kids like pros. It’s been a while since I’ve seen their eldest daughter and she’s so flipping cute. We started off taking some pics of their newest addition (super adorable) and when everyone was ready, we tried to squeeze in some family pics.
I can’t be happier for my friends and their little ultimate team / accounting firm that they’re raising. L&L, thanks for the constant support – you guys rock.

Your Friend, Leon
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Gorgeous Family of Three

What I find pretty crazy about this family is how good looking they are. I mean not only was the couple really good looking but their mom, sister and her sister’s husband has the same model like good looks. I know this first hand as I was lucky enough to capture both their families. Whatever happened to the norm where the wife is gorgeous and the husband has to over compensate with having tons of camera gear and charm =)

A&M and their beautiful baby L were a blast to capture. Their son is super cute as you’ll see in the pics and parenting seems so natural for this couple. We started off capturing some portraits of baby L and worked our way around their new home. I loved the fact that they all bundled up and we got a chance to snap a few pics outside to reflect our winter shoot.

I want to sincerely thank A&M for inviting me over to capture these precious pics of their son at this cute life stage. Here are a handful of pics from our session.

Your friend, Leon Chai
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Bowties, Mr.Men, Photo booth & Smash Cake – My little buddy turns 1

There are so many amazing captures that have happened in the past month that I’m excited to share.  For me when I’m not shooting, I’ve been hibernating in front of my Mac editing and wrapping up the last of my 2013 shoots.   I decided to take a break and give my blog some much needed love and share some cute pics of my little buddy’s first birthday party that happened a month ago.  I appreciate and love all the effort that C&B put towards their son’s first birthday that made it extra special.   As suggested in the title, they had bowties and hairbows for all the kids.  This Mr. Men themed party also had an awesome photobooth ran by our photographer friend Kevin (our past wedding clients may remember him shooting along side with us).  It was cute seeing all our friend’s kids everywhere and I can totally see that in a few more years this circle growing with even more kids.

For those of you that were at the party you prob didn’t see the last of these pics, since we set up a smash cake session afterwards on C’s actual B-day. For all the smash cake captures I’ve done so far… my buddy here takes the cake (pun intended) as he went out to town on the cake… love it!


Love, Uncle Leon
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Baby P’s Baptism

So what’s new with us lately? We’re in the heart of mad editing…well to be speaking photographically correctly, mad photo processing is the proper word.  So we’re quickly wrapping up the last of 2013 shoots and I am look forward to seeing a whole bunch of people delivering their pics.  At the same time we had an early start with our first 2014 lifestyle shoot a week ago.

There are a bunch of things I like about this shoot.. some obvious and some not so obvious. First, I’m happy that G&T asked me to capture their second adorable son’s baptism again.  Secondly, from a photographer’s perspective, shooting at Saint Pantelelmon is always great aside from it being a gorgeous church.  Rev. Fr. Odisseys Drossos and his Clergy are great … always welcoming me to come in closer to get the shot – many thanks to them.

Baby P’s is uber cute and what I found interesting was that he was totally cool with the sacrament and only cried for a split second.  To G&T, thanks so much for the on going support and for having me capture your son’s special sacrament.  Here are just a few pics from the well planned day.


Your friend, Leon

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