Jeemin & Suzy Married. Alderlea Mansion Wedding

This was a cute and sweet lunch wedding celebration held at a venue that has only been open to the public since 2015.   When I got to the event, both Jeemin and Suzy were onsite getting ready but the nice part about this place was that the couple could be separated since the top of the house has a beautiful room that could be used as a bridal suite. Suzy was all dressed when I got upstairs and she looked gorgeous as you’ll see in the pics. The vibe was calm and she was chilling out with family and friends.  Downstairs Jeemin and the guys were adding some last minute touches while the guests all arrived.

This wedding was unique not only due to the venue, but there were so many creative touches in both the ceremony and reception.  The bride and groom had personalized vows took the time to thank their family.  During the reception, they involved the guests by having them play games and prepared numerous prizes for them – definitely not a dull wedding.

I always enjoy capturing these lunch wedding events and this one was no exception. I want to thank Gina L for referring me to her family and I want to especially thank Suzy and Jeemin for having me capture their special day. Here are some pics from your event as we continue to edit the rest.


Thanks, Leon
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