Karen & Chris Married. Evergreen Brick Works / Paradise Banquet

Aloha from Maui! Every vacation I swear to Gi the night before that I won’t do  any work while on vaca…and every year I break that promise until this year…as I technically  had all the images ready for this blog entry and planned to load them up when I got moment to settle in Hawaii.   But a slow internet connection made this easy plan a slow and painful one.  Bottom line, I am excited to share some pics from our friends Karen and Chris’ s wedding.

This wedding was one of our last weddings for our 2016 season… and I couldn’t ask for a nicer couple like Karen and Chris to wrap up our year with… they are totally good peoples.   Looking at these pictures, the other amazing thing was the weather. This was early November but that day it felt like mid summer – we totally lucked out.  I’m not going to write too much about the details of their day since nap time for kids only last so long and Gi’s gonna kill me but I do want to say a few things that the pics don’t show.  I think one of the sweetest things on their day was planning a stop to visit Karen’s Grandmother at her home.  We all know how time constrained a wedding day can be and it’s amazing that they made time for something this important to them.

I want to thank our mutual friends Jo and Rob as they are the reason I got to meet this amazing couple. I want to thank my friend Kevin C for shooting this along side me.  To my friends Karen and Chris, thanks so much for having us capture your big day. Here are some pics we chose to tell your story.



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Grace and Eric. Toronto Zoo Engagement Session

Doing a shoot at the Zoo was a first for me and the space worked out pretty well and not for nothing, who doesn’t like animals?  Grace and Eric really love animals and are very knowledgeable about the Toronto Zoo itself.   I kind of wish I brought my little ones because I think these two would have been fantastic private tour guides...hehe…

I met Grace and Eric early in the morning and we started off hitting most of their favourite spots.  The background was gorgeous but the it was freezing that day...so we jumped in and out of buildings to keep warm. During the shoot I learned a great deal about various animals and other spots of the zoo that I haven’t been to before.  Shooting at the zoo was pretty tricky, a lot of high fences and shooting through glass. As more people came through, we had to be patient with the crowds and of course… the hope of getting some animals in the shot (google Kit Kat Panda commercial… that was me…haha)

To my friends Grace and Eric, thanks so much for a fun day and I am super excited to capture your big day next year. Thank you both so much and here are just a few pics from our shoot.
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Welcome Baby A&M! Beautiful Newborn Twins

What was really sweet about this shoot was something that these pics don’t tell.  You often hear the phrase  “enjoy every minute” (esp when it comes to babies and the wedding day) but not many people do.  The feeling of walking into J&A’s home it was just that. It was such a calm and heartwarming feeling with parents whom truly enjoy every single second of this newborn phase with their beautiful daughters.

Baby A&M are adorable and having only had the opportunity to meet them for a few hours, I can definitely see each of their individual personalities already. This was a fun and cute shoot and I want to thank my new friends J&A for having me capture these sweet memories of their family. Thanks so much to you both and here are just a few pics from our shoot.


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