Welcoming baby E! The first 24 hours newborn shoot

This is Gi and I am writing this blog in Vancouver during our annual trip out west.   However, this trip is extra special since we not only got to hang out with one of my bfs and her family but we also got to witness the birth of her baby girl.

We’ve been friends for 23 years and counting, so being part of these milestone moments is precious.   This is especially the case since they live so far away that timing would need to be just right.  Lucky for us, baby E arrived right in the middle of our two weeks here.  She is super adorbs and rounds out this million dollar family perfectly.

Our annual west coast trips are going to be so different going forward since we are now both families of 4 which means extra fun times for everyone.   I guess this is the circle of life, we grew up together and I am super excited to watch our kids grow up together.   For now, here are some pics of the shoot that we did during our visit. Thank you guys for housing our family of four during this crazy time.

As our baby girls likes to say, here are some pics of bean, bean mui mui, bean mommy, bean daddy, and bean popo.



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