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I found the owner of this condo and her living space equally fascinating.  If I didn’t find out about her background, I would have guessed she was an industrial designer or an artist of some sort… just so much soul in her.  So I was pretty surprised to hear her chosen profession was law… and I mean no disrespect when I say surprised.   I think she has such passion, a great good eye and talent in the design field I just figured this would be her career in choice.   In a lot of ways… not to get too personal, I feel the same way about my wife.  She’s an accountant by trade but her creative side fascinates and inspires me as it is so different from what she does.

I think the one thing to note about her beautiful space is that it wasn’t staged just for this shoot… what’s amazing is the fact that this space is her lifestyle.  Walking in anytime, it would look the same.   From a shoot perspective, there was so much detail that caught my eyes. I think I kinda overstayed my welcome during this shoot… as everything had a story and of course I wanted to hear it.

I want to thank my friend Angela for introducing me to her awesome friend. I love meeting people with passion… and I want to thank my new friend for opening up her home and space to me.

Your Friend, Leon
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