Baby O, Just a week old.

So right before I left their shoot.. J showed me the album I did for their first born’s shoot.  Looking at the the pics.. you can definitely tell they are brothers… no doubt. I added a pic of K&O together in the end for a visual comparison.

I’m totally happy for my friends J&B on their new addition to the family. I’m glad this shoot happened for a few reasons.  Aside from the obvious, getting to hang and seeing how big K is in person…it’s that the family is keeping things equal between the brothers. I personally feel the pressure of making sure I’ll document our future son’s life as much as I have for our daughter.

Their son O is perfect and seeing their older brother get along with his baby brother in such a gentle fashion makes me happy… and gives me hope for my daughter when the time comes.  Thanks again to my friends J&B for the constant support. Much love guys!

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