Winnie & Carson. Fall Engagement Shoot

The good part about living north of the city is experiencing the Fall season… mama nature looks so pretty.  So when we scheduled this lifestyle engagement shoot,  we had the best of both worlds as we started uptown and worked our way into the city.

Since I live uptown, I have tons of little spots that I love using… (and it’s mainly for taking pics of Gi and Alexis).  So I texted Winnie and Carson where to meet… to start off our shoot. When I first saw them as they walked out of their car… my heart literally dropped.  He was in a suit and she was in a wedding dress.  The first thing I thought was…did I somehow make a mistake on what was suppose to be a wedding as an e-shoot? Reality was they wanted a few pics (pre-wedding pics) of them to use for the wedding day as print material… I had no clue but so glad it wasn’t what I thought.

Winnie and Carson are really easy going peoples which made this an easy fun shoot.  After we wrapped up in Markham we headed downtown to get a little city vibe for their pics.

I sincerely want to thank my friends Laurence and Minh for this warm referral.  To Winnie and Carson, Thank you both so much and can’t wait for the big day next year!


Your friend, Leon
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