This beautiful family

I’m lucky to be able to focus and hone my craft in different aspects of photography.  My number one questions I get asked all the time is what my favorite form of photography I like doing most?  Pretty hard question to answer… as each craft is so different and rewarding in its own way... but final answer would have to be family photography.  There’s nothing in this world that makes me more happier then capturing photos of my family and watching my daughter grow. With that being said, I have a lot of love for this family as I’ve been lucky enough to capture their life stages.

This shoot like the many other family lifestyle shoots I’ve been doing recently was all about an updated family picture in preparation for Christmas.  On the day of their shoot, the weather was like today… cold and wet.. so we decided to meet at their business… where we used the cool space inside.  To my friends S&B, I’m sincerely thankful for all the years of your support. You guys are wonderful parents and I always love seeing your amazing kids.  Thanks always!


Your Friend, Leon
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