Hello Baby R! Newborn Photography

I was saying to Gi the other night… if we’re blessed with another child, I wonder how hard it would be to divvy up the love?  I know it’s such a dumb question but right now… it’s so easy to give all your love to one.  The most common answer I got from all my friends is metaphorically speaking… you just grow another heart. That works for me.

M&J and their adorable daughter C and now their newborn son are a beautiful family. On the day of this shoot, M’s parent’s were in town which worked out well as they got to squeeze in a few pics and entertain the eldest daughter as we got some solo pics of baby R. At the time of the shoot, baby R was a little over a week old…. And super co-operative.  We worked on some family shots with everyone and even got a chance to hop outside quickly for a few pics.   I want to thank our mutual friend/sister Erika for introducing  me and of course especially thank M&J for having me do this session for your adorable fam.  Here are a few pics from our shoot.

Your Friend, Leon Chai



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