Amanda, Roddy and Noodle + baby bump. Maternity Shoot

I literally cheered out loud when we read that our friends Amanda & Roddy were expecting!   Fast forward 6+ months and I’m stoked to be able to capture this family / maternity shoot for them.  This whole shoot was a win-win scenario..  aside form the shoot itself … we got to do brunch afterwards and spend some quality time.  Gi and Alexis also came down with me,  which was nice.  So when we began our shoot, Gi was strolling around Liberty Village trying to get our daughter to nap.

Aside from capturing pics of Amanda and her baby bump (she looks wicked btw) a good part of this  shoot as you’ll see involved Noodle (as he’s the first baby in the fam).  We did a bunch of portraits and made sure that we got Noodle in pics with the future baby.

Congrats again guys and sorry I wasn’t able to make the shower.   Thank you for this session and thanks for the delicious popcorn… when I saw that in Gi’s car on  Sunday… it was like a life saver to my starving stomach =) Can’t wait to meet the little one.

Your Friend, Leon Chai

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