Julia + Curtis. King Street Engagement Shoot

You know… I just want to sum up this shoot and describe them as .. “happiest couple ever”.. as that’s the vibe I got from their lifestyle e-shoot.  Julia and Curtis were really fun to shoot.. as they are quite entertaining and comfortable with each other.  For this shoot, we all met downtown close to their condo and worked in some pics from their neighborhood.  This totally worked for me as I love King east.  Before we moved locations, we grabbed some espresso (win) and tea at a nearby coffee house where we first met and headed over to their condo where we got some captures of their purdy cat too.

I’m pretty stoked about their upcoming wedding as I really love capturing smaller more intimate venues… and more so the fact that Julia and Curtis are such good peoples. I sincerely want to thank Julia and Curtis for this opportunity and also my friend Marlon for giving me a warm intro to his bro. I look forward to seeing you at the wedding. Here are just a few pics from their shoot.

Your Friend, Leon
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