Emily and Victor, High School E-Shoot

This shoot was fun times since it was the first time I shot in a high school.  It was a fitting location since Emily is a teacher and her fiancé actually went to the high school she teaches at back in the day.  We started off the morning at Guild Inn but we quickly bolted out of there since there were tons of little flying bugs swarming the place.  You know how they say… if you carry a dryer sheet bugs will stay away... well we tried and no luck – bugs loved us.  We headed next to mid town and used a few spots near Unionville.  My friends Emily and Victor were easy breezy in front of the camera… super comfortable with each other which always makes for great pics.

We headed over to Agincourt High School where I got a chance to see where Emily teaches and got to use some spots around the school for pics. I loved that that we got to use the room that Emily taught in this year.  It as also super cool that Victor’s grad pic was actually hung up along the hallway

I’m really happy and honoured to do this shoot and excited to capture their upcoming wedding.  Not only because Emily is my family, but her and her fiancé are such amazing peoples.  Thank you both so much and can’t wait to celebrate the big day with you both.


Lots of love,


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Marisa & Fadi Married. Fontana Primavera Wedding

So this was my first wedding shoot since going on mat leave from my weekend job with Leon Chai Photography.  I missed our dynamic duo so was excited to start off the wedding season.  As luck would have it, I got to start off the season with a great couple.   As always, I started off with the boys at Fadi’s parents home which they had prepared and decorated for the day of the wedding.

Fadi’s mom was ready for visitors as she had pictures of the couple everywhere.  Maybe I am even more appreciative of the motherly touches now that I am one but it was super sweet.  I would say Fadi gets these sentimental touches from the women in his life as his gifts for the boys were all personalized and appropriate for each of them.

The credit for the cutest gift has to go to Marisa since she got him a one of a kind bait hook for the “fish” that she hooked for life.   So appropriate for this loving couple as the ceremony was filled with bashful yet loving glances between the two.

With this fun group of boys and girls we headed off to Alexmuir Park for some group shots.   We obviously had tons of fun with the boys showing their strength and Fadi’s willingness to literally jump off a cliff for Marisa.  For my first wedding of the season I couldn’t have asked for a more fun group that reminded me why I love shooting weddings with my husband.

Having a daughter has definitely changed how much time I can spend at the weddings, but I will continue to try my darndest to make it out to as many as I can.   It is tough since I am back at my day job Monday-Friday where I don’t get to spend much time with our baby, but when you get loving couples like this, it is all worth it.

Thank you Marisa and Fadi for reminding me how great shooting weddings can be.  Thank you to my baby A for loving me no matter how often I leave you for my day job or my weekend job.  Remember no matter where I am I always consider you my full time love and I continue to be honoured to have the best job in the world of being your mom.


I totally remembered the first time I met Marisa and Fadi. I was half way around the world in Singapore and we set a time for a skype meeting. We’ve done many skype meetings before but I didn’t factor in the intense Singapore heat, time difference (2am) and me not trying to wake our baby up in the middle of the night. Thank the lord they accepted this whispering, sweaty photographer for their awesome day.

The day of their wedding was actually the first time I had the chance to really get to know Marisa and Fadi.  End result – confirmation that they are just truly good peoples. Gi joined me for the first half of the day where we split up to the places where Fadi and Marisa were each getting ready. I got a chance to check out Gi’s pics of the guys in the morning and I love the symbolic fishing hook from Marisa – super sweet.   With the girls, I loved seeing everyone’s awesome Henna designs – a true mix of the traditions. The reception was definitely an awesome party and it continued to the tradition of integrating two cultures that love to dance…my trini peeps and Middle easterners.

I’m not going to go into the full details of their day since the pics will tell their beautiful story. I want to thank my wife Gi and friend Chris Chan for helping me capture their story. I want to sincerely thank my new friends Marisa and Fadi for having us capture their amazing day – thank you both so much. Here are carefully chosen handful of pics to tell your story. Enjoy!

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Headshot + launch party, Dentistry on U

I got to work with Dr. Gina Lee on both a personal level, capturing her adorable daughter’s first birthday, and a business level, now with her practice.  I have to say this…she’s probably one of the most caring and genuine individual’s I have ever met. Here’s one example, during her daughter’s event shoot during the busy party…she went out of her way to introduce me to a bunch of her friends that may need photography while I was shooting.  Same goes during the day of her launch party… as hectic as it was she doing the same for all her other vendors… making sure everyone got to know each other and giving warm kind intros. Crazy nice of her …but I realized that is just who she is..genuine and always looking out for others.

On the day of this shoot, I arrived early before the launch event to capture headshots of the team and was going to do interior shots but there were still some final touches that needed to be completed for the decor.  The night of the launch party was a packed house with so many people giving Gina and her husband well wishes on the new business.  The event and food looked smoking (literally..see the burger pic) which was all was planned and produced by Reve Event Design, who managed the catering provided by Treeline.

I sincerely want to thank and congratulate Gina for the constant support and making her passion come to life. Love the office sister.

Your Friend, Leon
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Pool Party! Happy 2nd birthday A

The one wicked part about doing all of these milestone birthday captures over the years is that I have gotten a ton of ideas.. which now comes in handy since our little girl is turning one soon.   This b –day capture is extra special for us since this family are our close friend …and we love their daughter dearly.   Funny enough, on the day the day of her party.. I some how missed the memo that it was going to be a pool party…not that it would make a difference for me in capturing the event.. since sadly I can’t swim. There was so much love and effort that went in to this party from all of A’s friend’s and family.  As expected, the presentation of everything was perfect.

I can’t be more happy for the fact that Gi and I have had the chance to see how wonderful and beautiful our little friend A has grown up to be. We hope that our daughter and A will grow up to be life long friends.  Many thanks to our friend M&R for having me capture these beautiful events.

Love, Uncle Leon
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