Photography She’s so perfect. 10 days old, Newborn

I know this sounds crazy, but I really, really miss this newborn stage.   The even crazier part is that, even though our daughter is not even a year old… I can hardly remember her at this stage.   Words every parent will agree on... you just can’t believe how fast they grow.

When I got to L&G’s place and met their little baby Z for the first time - she looked so beautiful and perfect.  L&G also looked amazing for being new parents… both so calm and energetic.  It was such a sweet shoot capturing their daughter as she was perfect in front of the camera.   Baby Z worked with every pose and didn’t fuss one bit.   We got a chance to do some pics in Baby Z’s nursery, which was great since they did such an amazing job prepping her room. And speaking of prep… I loved how Mom had various outfits all planed out and ready for this shoot.

To my friends L&G, it’s so great to see you both and congrats on your gorgeous daughter – you guys makes great parents. Thank you so much for your support and having me capture this precious life stage for your family. Here are just a few pics from our session.

Your friend, Leon
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Cutest fitness shoot ever. notummymommy

Before I get into the details of this cute shoot… The moment I got onsite, I realized 2 things: 1)I’m the most unfit person here and 2) it’s possible to suck in one’s stomach for 3 hours without popping anything internally =)

All jokes aside, everyone onsite was in amazing shape from the owner of the beautiful yoga studio( we used, to the video person (strongeyestudios) if I’m not mistaken used to compete in bodybuilding and of course Trisha from Notummymommy.  I’ve been looking forward to this shoot since chatting with Trisha prior, since I think what she is offering is pretty awesome.  On the day of the shoot… her adorable daughter stole the thunder and won over everyones heart to who was there… she’s soooo cute!  What was even more sweet was seeing both mom and her daughter H doing fun fitness activities… which was so second nature to H.

For any Mom’s out there looking to get into shape or even want some motivation, give this fitness mom a shout (  She’s totally an easy going and friendly person that can definitely help.   Here are just a few pics from the shoot.


Your Friend, Leon
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