Angela and Danny Married. Copper Creek Wedding

This entry comes from a café half way around the world in Hong Kong as I’m working away on my vacation (if my daughter was old enough to speak.. her and her mommy would be yelling at me right now)…but I digress. Since it’s Nov 11 in Toronto right now ,  I can’t help but be thankful to all the soldiers that fought for our freedoms.  Ironically, I look across the street and I can see hundreds of people protesting day and night for the same democracy we take for granted.  As I’m forever playing catch up on our site, we head into our October wedding shoots, featuring Angela and Danny.

I’m really excited to share these pics from Angela and Danny’s wedding for many reasons.   One, as I got to know them in the year leading up to their wedding, I found them to be such sweet and genuine people.   Not only that but I can say that this was one of my favourite weddings this year. It is always fun when you see the bride and groom really enjoying themselves … and that, in m opinion, makes an awesome wedding.

So there are a few things about their wedding that were pretty noteworthy.  Angela’s parent’s home is really nice - More so… according to the family.. the house was quickly renovated just in time for Angela’s big day.  Ironically I can relate as we didn’t do anything to our home for 5 years and the moment our daughter was about to arrive, we started painting and installing “real” curtains… must be a daughter of the house thing.  There were so many sentimental aspects in the pics that I appreciate – Formal pics were done at Angela’s parent’s home in their beautiful backyard. Angela’s veil was from her Mom’s wedding.. which was pretty sweet and the Cadillac they took to the church belongs to her grandfather.

Before we get to the pics to story tell their day,  I wanted to sincerely thank both Angela and Danny for being such a fun couple that made our jobs so enjoyable.  Thanks to my friend and teammate Kevin C for working hard on this shoot with me.

P.S.  Unlimited Ten Ren BBT…is such a good thing to have at the end of a wedding shoot, thanks again guys!


Your Friend, Leon
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Var and Anderson Married. West River Event Centre Wedding

If you follow us on Instagram, you might notice that I’ve been posting a lot of street photography pics of Asia. For me, street photography is something I love shooting and sharing. It brings me peace like a athlete and its like training as it hones me to be a better wedding photographer.   I’ll  always advocate this… if you want to become a better/wedding photographer.. do street photography.  It’s late at night for me right now in my part of the world and I’m sitting in our hotel room while mom and baby are sleeping excited to finally share this wedding.

Var and Anderson was the last of our back to back September weddings. This was a much anticipated wedding for me as I’ve been in constant communication with Anderson from the day they gave us this wonderful opportunity.  On their wedding day I was also pretty stoked especially since I got to see our mutual friends Allen and Michelle.  On their wedding day they packed a lot of events into their itinerary and everything was executed perfectly. On that note, special thanks to Christine March ( and her team for coordinating their day, Harvey & Roger Tam ( for their impeccable catering, Carla Abramovici ( for the gorgeous décor (awesome seeing you again!) and to Norris Wong’s Team ( for their awesome SDE.

Since we carefully chose the pics to tell their story, I won’t go into the specific details of their day and let the pics do the talking. One note worthy and talented mention was a special guest that attended / participated in their wedding.  I remember when Anderson wrote me an email telling me about a singer named Kathleen Nguyen and how they thought she would be a perfect musical talent for their day. Fast forward to their wedding and they were totally right. Her voice added so much to the feel of their day and definitely made the SDE that much more emotional.

I want to thank our good friend and teammate Kevin C for shooting along side me and also to thank Anderson and Var for having us on their special day.


Your Friend,


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