Life in HK

A lot of people thought we were nuts for wanting to go to Asia with our three month old little girl.  And here we are half way through our trip that seemed so scary at first but will probably be one of our greatest memories as a family.   People scared us with things such as our baby girl is too young, what if she gets sick, the protests in HK will cause you to be locked up in your homes, you will not get to see the city, and her sleep will be ruined.

Luckily it has not been as dark and grim as everyone has foreshadowed.  Those who gave us hope that it is possible to travel with a three month old in a city that we love is what helped push us through.   Not to mention the fact that we are pretty determined parents with a daughter who seems to be adaptable to various environments.  As I tell everyone, we are very lucky to have a girl like her.  She was a great sleeper on the plane, she adapted to the time zone well, she lets us walk around and fusses a bit but there is always a reason for it.   As for the city itself, we have been able to experience the protest zones in HK and they truly are peaceful.  From Causeway Bay (where we are staying) to Mong Kok to Admiralty, the protests have truly been picturesque  and our daughter has  come along for the ride.

I don’t kid myself to say that this trip is for her because we all know that she will not remember any of this other than seeing the pictures later on in life.   However, for us it has been great because traveling as a small family unit is quality time that you cannot get at home.   You try and you say will but the day to day activities/responsibilities take over.   I do have to say that I can’t wait for more adventures as our little one grows up and we truly get to share the experiences with her and have these adventures in her memory bank.

Signing off – the scared parents who are now a little bit more confident in this decision to have this crazy adventure.

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Amy and Gary Married. Hilton Suites Markham Wedding

Coincidentally as I’m uploading Amy and Gary’s pics, I’m also looking for a flight to Taiwan on my other monitor and recall Gary’s speech.  I think he said to Amy back in the day that she’s the only person he knew that was “made in Taiwan”… I know... totally random way to intro this post.

Amy and Gary’s wedding was part of our September back to back weddings.  This was a sweet wedding since it was an intimate event, not too big and not too small.  The bride and groom definitely spent a lot of thought in narrowing down their friends and family list along with all the little details which was a true reflection of them.  As an awesome example, Amy and Gary fave bubble tea is Chatime, which was why it was perfect for them to cater in Chatime for all their guests as a part of the dessert.  Kevin and I definitely enjoyed this personal touch.   Another note worthy point was that they had Psy perform at their wedding. Yes. Psy.. like Gangnam style Psy.

As we’re continuing to process the rest of the pics, I want to share with you a carefully select number of images to tell their story. I want to thank Kevin for shooting this wedding with me and I want to sincerely thank Amy and Gary for having us capture their awesome day.  Enjoy!

P.S. Saxx are awesome.

Your Friend, Leon
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Klia and Nick Married!!!

September was a wild busy month for us with daily shoots and the never ending editing.  So before it gets too late into October, it’s back on the blog post wagon we go.  Starting off with a wedding shoot of my friends Klia and Nick.

I really looked forward to this wedding for many reasons from the obvious of watching my friends get married to the fact that I got to see some of our mutual friends at their wedding.  I started off in the morning where Klia was getting ready and Kevin was with Nick. On my end, Klia’s house was filled with family and friends rolling in the doors every minute.  This totally reminded me of my old hood where most of my neighbourhood was Greek. When  a celebration was happening , the whole street was jammed up with cars and you could hear the celebrations from a mile away.

Glancing at Kev’s pics of Nick getting ready, it was pretty awesome to see that Nick had a traditional groom shave in the morning.  Speaking of Greek traditions,  there was many throughout the day that I totally enjoyed capturing -  from the pig dance to the bread breaking.  If only they did the smashing of the plates… that would have been awesome…haha.

Before we get into their post, I want to thank my friend  Kevin for all his hard work in shooting this wedding with me. I also wanted to acknowledge Klia’s uncle who’s a retired wedding videographer that graciously decided to pick back up his gear and capture their day.  That’s hard work and love.

I want to sincerely thank my friends Klia and Nick for having me capture their amazing day and also for making it so easy for me as you basically told me the date and to show up.  I appreciate the trust.  As we’re editing our brains off, here are a few pics from you awesome day.


Your Friend,

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Monica & Veneet’s Wedding. 2 Awesome Days.

It’s funny what we consider the norm since obviously it’s based on what we are used to.  I had a wedding prospect meeting last night and as we were talking about their guest list …the couple was saying they really couldn’t grasp the concept of a small wedding. She said they only have been to weddings where there is min 600 people.  On the flipside, as I’m writing this blog entry at a locale café, a random onlooker (aka the person that won’t stop staring at my screen while I edit) and I got into conversation about this post and the pics.  She moved her chair closer to me  and started saying how she has never seen a Indian wedding and was blown away by the colours that a wedding event could be several days.  So if you have been following our postings, we’re finally uploading the main event of Monica and Veneet’s wedding which took place over the course of two days.

I think one of the most beautiful parts that stood out for us at this wedding was capturing the mix of emotions. There was so much energy during the day from dancing and cheering to tears of sadness / joy. I won’t write out the events that happened during the course of the two day wedding as again I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  What I do want to quickly say is that I’m grateful for this experience and thankful to my friends Monica and Veneet for having us basically capture the month of August for them =) Special thanks my friend / teammate Kevin C for shooting along side with me for both these days.  As we continue to process the rest of the pictures, here are a some pics from their wedding day.


Your Friend, Leon
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Susheila & Ross’s Wedding – Broiler House Loft, Distillery District

Before I get into this wonderful wedding, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.   This wedding was easily one of my favorite wedding’s we captured this year.  Not for nothing, there’s an unfair advantage because Sush and Ross are friends of mine.  More specifically what I loved the most about this wedding is how genuine their love is for one another.  Sush and Ross, you guys make such a great couple and I’m truly so happy that you both.

I’m not going to chronologically write what happened at their wedding as the story will tell itself through the pictures. But there are a few parts I wanted to highlight as I was so impressed by the thoughtfulness.   First off, when Kevin and I looked at the itinerary together, we where pretty stoked to see door games.  Thinking about it now, I think this was the first wedding this year that had traditional Chinese door games.  All the groomsmen rocked.. and they did an awesome job as you’ll see in the pics.

Another moment worth mentioning was Sush and Ross’s first reveal – it was pretty heartwarming. Again.. I’ll used the word genuine love to describe them.    Sush impressed both Kev and I as she had memorized her entire itinerary and had everything planned to the minute.  This was not surprising as she does wedding planning.  I’m kinda jealous that she could be so hands on.. if only a photographer can ever photograph an event with themselves in it…

Their wedding was held in the Distillery District, at the Broiler House Loft.  This venue and all the little touches they added were so them and perfect.    As always I want to thank my friend and teammate Kevin C for all his hard work. To my friends Susheila and Ross, congrats again guys.  Thank you so much to you both for having us capture your amazing day. Here are some pics to bring back some awesome memories.


Your Friend, Leon
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How cute is this little dude…

I always loved doing these family lifestyle shoots and now that we have a baby, I like them even more. I find it cool that I can relate to each baby’s life stage especially if they are close in age to our daughter and it is even more fascinating for me to see what to expect if they are a few months older (so not looking forward to the teething stage next..)

When K contacted me, I was thrilled to hear that they had a gorgeous little baby boy and was excited to meet this little dude for a shoot.  When I got to their house and met baby J for the first time…I was all smiles since this little dude is so flipping cute.  Not for nothing too… Mom looked super fit (my guess is she’s like Gi and started hitting the gym right after birth..). We started our shoot at a nearby park and walked back to their home to take a few more shots in their beautiful backyard before heading in.  Baby J was perfect in front of the camera and basically we kept taking pics until baby J got tired of being a model.

I want to sincerely thank my friends K&M for having me capture their little man - congrats again guys.  Here are just a few pics from our shoot


Your Friend,  Leon Chai
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