“This is Paradise” HK to the T Dot.

I love this engagement lifestyle shoot for many reasons. For starters, I think it’s super sweet of Kenneth to set this shoot up for his fiancé that came all the way from Hong Kong. So the goal was to capture the spirit of Toronto and the only thing they requested was to use the mural “This is Paradise” on Queen Street.

We all met up at the mural as a starting point. I had originally met with Kenneth 2 months ago at our mutual friend’s wedding we shot. On the day of the shoot, it was great seeing Kenneth again and meeting his awesome fiancé Edith. Getting to know them as we went around various spots around Toronto, it was so apparent that these two are meant to be and being half way around the world from each other doesn’t stop them.

So, as I felt like the ambassador for Toronto with a camera that day, we worked our way through some Toronto-ish backdrops which included Queen Street, Osgoode Hall, CN Tower, Tim Horton’s and the Iconic Distillery District. Kenneth and Edith are so comfortable with each other, thus translating into great pics.

To my friends Kenneth and Edith, sincere thanks to you both for having me capture your Toronto engagement session. I wish you both continuous happiness and all the best for your wedding in HK. Here are just a few pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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