Katherine + Aaron // Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding

I had this blog entry ready for the longest time and when I wanted to put this post up, our daughter decided it was time for her arrival. Sorry for the delay and now to the feature event.

I mentioned this before in my engagement shoot post for Katherine and Aaron, and I echo the same sentiments again after watching them enjoy their wedding - I think this couple is peeeerfect for each other. On the day of their wedding, I started off at Katherine’s place where the house was jam packed with family and friends. Kevin was with Aaron that morning and we all met up at Black Creek Pioneer Village afterwards. I was pretty excited about shooting at this venue since it has that nostalgic factor. I think the last time I came here was in grade 6.

Katherine and Aaron had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, which worked out perfectly since the weather was great that day. We headed around the grounds afterwards and used the various settings for pics. I found one part that was pretty ironic as one of the pilgrims went out of character and stopped Aaron in his tracks asking if he was a doctor and continued to thank him as he did a amazing operation on her daughter’s foot. That’s pretty awesome.

Before heading to the hall, the groom had one request if we could take a picture of his Mustang. Being a car guy, you had me at Mustang. The night reception had such a great energy from both sides of the family. The entertainment was awesome (Katherine’s brother in law can sing!) and everyone was participating in all the games and the dance floor.

I want to thank my friend Elaine again and it was awesome seeing you at the wedding. I want to thank Kevin for capturing this event with me and of course, I want to sincerely thank Katherine and Aaron for having us capture your awesome wedding. Here are just a handful of pics to visually story tell your day. Thanks and see you guys soon.

Your Friend, Leon
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